SpiL Internship Opportunities

SpIL Internships are not only an opportunity to serve and contribute toward the Christ-centeredness of our spiritual and intercultural life in the George Fox University community, but are also opportunities for personal growth, mentorship, and vocational, theological, communal and whole-person spiritual formation.

Please find our applications for the 2020-2021 internships on the George Fox HandShake site.

Internship Requirements

Each SpIL Internship is designed to help students engage in the dynamic intersection of applied classroom concepts, preparation for long-term work in their field and collaborative interdisciplinary teamwork in a cross-cultural and ministry-minded workplace. Interns will gain new tools by exercising leadership and teamwork under the continuous mentorship of the campus pastors and intercultural director.

For the 2020-21 school year, SpIL is offering competitive internship opportunities. Each of these internships is unique, and we are looking for a very specific skill set for each internship as we conduct our thorough search process. 

All SpIL interns will work an estimated 8- to 10-hour work week (35 hours a month that includes office hours).

Sample monthly time commitment:

  • Two to four one-to-one meetings with a SpiL professional staff mentor per month = 4 hours/month
  • Four weekly team meetings with specific SpiL ministry team = 6 hours/month
  • Out-of-office internship hours = 10 hours/month
  • SpIL House Hours = 10 hours/ month
  • TOTAL = 35 hours/month (approx. 8-10 hours/week)

All SpIL interns are asked to participate fully in the following:

  • Pre-Semester Intern Training (2-weeks before Fall semester classes begin)
  • Mid-year Intern Training  (January 2021)
  • Weekly team meetings
  • Monthly Learning & Integration Labs 

Internship descriptions

Click an internship title below to read a description of that internship.


T he Chapel Marketing and Production (CMP) Intern takes on the responsibility of assisting the University Pastors in the marketing and production of chapel every Tuesday morning and Wednesday evening, often functioning as the liaison between Faith and Culture and other departments involved in chapel. The CMP Intern will work with a team to promote, create and visually represent chapel to the George Fox community. The CMP is creative, a self-starter, and a team player.

The Chapel Graphic Designer helps to professionally, creatively and successfully promote our weekly chapel services and other Faith and Culture ministries and programs. They work closely with the Marketing and Production  intern to implement a plan for advertising and promotion of events and opportunities to the student body. He or she will be responsible for branding and overseeing the design of all Faith and Culture programming promotional material, and so must be familiar with the Adobe design suite and be able to work with printers and George Fox MarCom to get all promotional material copied and posted on the web. He or she must create weekly slides for chapel and lobby flat screens and keep a portfolio of all promotional material used. This intern will be meeting with the chapel team weekly.

The Vespers Band Leader Intern provides leadership for the Vespers Band, which leads worship during our Wednesday evening service each week. This intern for choosing music, leading rehearsals and developing cohesion among the band members. This intern will be a skilled musician (instrument can vary) and be able lead the band with a pastoral heart. A willingness to learn new songs, especially those of different languages and worship styles, is strongly recommended, and will be included in the training of the entire band.


Serves to enrich students' spiritual growth by connecting them to opportunities to learn and serve vulnerable children and families in the area.

Serves to enrich students' spiritual growth by connecting them to opportunities to learn and serve vulnerable children and families in the area.

Serves to connect students' personal and communal spiritual growth through the spiritual discipline of service, in particular to neighbors and community partner organizations in and around Yamhill County.

Serves to raise campus online and in-person awareness of, as well as to connect students to Spiritual Life opportunities for experiential learning, worship, immersion and service. The heart of this position is to connect George Fox students to Christian Community Development opportunities globally and locally, with people from diverse and under-resourced communities as well as with Christians and model organizations living incarnationally in those communities.

Through planning weekly student-led prayer and worship, the Shalom student chaplain & liturgist serves to promote a strong connection between GFU students' lives of prayer, worship and discipleship to Christ with their participation in Christ's Mission in the world with the Church, to be agents of peacemaking amidst the broken relationships of our world and lives.


Contact the Office of Spiritual & Intercultural Life at  503-554-2320 or  spirituallife@georgefox.edu.