Life Group Leaders

 Lead a Life Group at George Fox University

About the Program

The Office of Spiritual & Intercultural Life at George Fox University is passionate about providing undergraduate students with the opportunity to be spiritually nurtured in intentional communities focused on intimacy with God and spiritual formation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Life Groups for?

Life Groups are for our undergraduate students. Our groups are all female, all male or coed. Groups can also be designated by grade level.  

When do Life Groups meet?

You tell us! Life Group leaders tell us when they are available to lead a group. Groups meet weekly for 60 to 90 minutes at the time and location of your choosing. Participants will select the group they wish to participate in based on the details that leaders provide.

How long do Life Groups last?

Fall groups are eight weeks and spring groups are six weeks long.  

What do we do when we are together?

Groups are encouraged to use one of three curriculum options recommended by the Office of Spiritual & Intercultural Life that parallel other themes that are being explored in chapel. Curriculum options will change every semester.

Do I have to work at George Fox University to be a Life Group leader?

No. We welcome our alumni, family members of George Fox employees and students, and members of our wonderful local churches to consider leading a group. However, if you are not currently a George Fox employee, your application will include a few additional questions that our employees have already addressed in their employment application process.  

Is it OK if I’m not a biblical scholar?

Absolutely! Whether you are a new Christian or have a PhD in biblical studies, we are looking for leaders who love Jesus and seek to be like Him every day. You don't need to know the Bible inside and out, but we are looking for leaders who have been changed by God’s grace, who love college students, and who will encourage them in their pursuit of Christ.

Is there a training I need to attend?

We will gather all of our leaders together for a 90-minute leader meeting before the start of the new semester. We will share ideas, pray together and give you some pointers for how to handle some things that may come up. Whether you are new to leading a group or are a seasoned small-group leader, this is an important time for us to get focused on what God might have in store.  

Is there an application process to become a leader?

Yes. The first step of the process is for you to fill out a sign-up form.

When is the sign-up form due?

The sign-up form will be open the first couple of weeks of the semester, right up to the week that life groups begin. You will hear back from the Office of Spiritual Life shortly after you submit the form, indicating next steps in the process. If you have additional questions, please contact our office at 503.554.2320.

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