Housing Selection FAQ

A group can consist of one to six members, depending on the type of room/location they want to live in.  However, depending on the amount of openings a house has a group could get as big as 10.

Students are assigned timeslots based on their individual credits and semesters lived on-campus.  You may take as much time as you need to select a location, but keep in mind that new students will be given timeslot access to select their housing in the portal every 15 minutes. 

Great question! It means that students with junior or senior standing will receive timeslots during the Junior/Senior preference days.  If they have roommates in their groups that are sophomore standing, they may assign their roommate during their timeslot.  Sophomores will receive timeslots for the Sophomore Preference days to select their housing.

If you cannot find your friend, ask them to make sure they have started their housing application.  Every student must have an active application in the system in order to be searchable.  To have an active application, a student must have logged in and started an application.  

Yes. All students living on or off-campus must fill out the intent form. The option to live off-campus will not be available to you if you are not eligible to live off-campus. First you must first apply to commute from home. Once the University Housing Department processes your commute from home request you will be able to select “off-campus” in the housing intent part of the application.

You will be able to login and select a room at any point after your timeslot opens up.  However, other students will also be receiving timeslots during that time which allows more students into the system to select their housing locations.

No.  As long as the housing intent form is filled out by the deadline, there is no advantage to filling it out early.

Once you click Reserve Beds, you will be unable to backtrack and change your selection.  It is important to research your options before your timeslot and choose carefully during the selection process.  If you make a mistake, please contact housing@georgefox.edu.

You can request a transfer by searching their GFU e-mail address in the application.  As long as they have an active application (meaning they have logged in and started their housing intent form), you will be able to find their name and request them as a roommate.


Some students might have holds on their account due to unpaid balances. Balances on accounts must be paid in order for a student to go through the housing and meal plan intent process. Please contact Student Accounts if you have questions at studentaccounts@georgefox.edu or call at 503-554-2301.

You can do this in the RA Group tab by clicking on leave group. If that option is no longer available, you will need to email housing@georgefox.edu to be taken out of a group and see if you can enter into another group.

Due to demand, we cannot hold beds open.  However, you can try to find another student who will be a resident during fall semester only.  This would allow your friend the chance to apply for the open spot when they return in spring semester.

Email housing@georgefox.edu from your GFU email account.  Cancellations result in a $75 forfeiture fee (prior to June 1st) or $150 forfeiture fee (after June 1st).

Contact housing@georgefox.edu to make your request.  Our ability to accommodate your request will depend on whether we have another student slated to fill the space; therefore, it is helpful to make your request at the same time your roommate submits their cancellation.

If you are signing up for housing as an individual, you will need to fill out the housing and meal plan intent application and can assign yourself a spot during your timeslot.  You may book yourself into any open and available spot.  University Housing also offers the option of our department assigning individuals to open spots between April and mid-July.  If you select this option, the timeframe can take a bit longer so that our office is able to find the best spot for you.

You can request a new student by searching their GFU e-mail address in the application.  As long as they have an active application (meaning they have logged in and started their housing intent form), you will be able to find their name and request them as a roommate.  NOTE:  Incoming first year students that are not transfers may only live in residence halls and are ineligible for apartments or houses.

You may book you and your roommates into any open spots during your timeslot.  If you do not fill a location, it simply means that open spot will be available for another student to select during housing selection.


It’s not too late! You may go back into the form at any time to update your “My Profile” page.

These fields are confidential and only used by Student Life professional staff in case of emergency.

Your meal plan options are based on your current accumulated credit total.  Because spring semester credits will not be applied until May/June, you will have more options available to you after your current semester credits have been applied to your credit total.  You can change your meal plan selection up until one week after the fall semester begins.