80s Dance

'80s Dance

The '80s Dance marks the beginning of a new year. Students flood the EHS Atrium wearing leg warmers, bright lipstick, scrunchies, workout clothes, denim jackets and parachute pants. Students line up outside the doors long before the event begins to show off their outfits and for a chance to get free 80s gear - buttons/pins, tshirts, and even fanny packs. The EHS Atrium is a perfect spot for the dance with the historic Wood-Mar hall brick wall adding to the 80s feel. Students rush in with excitement, crowd the dance floor and the snack table, and get ready to sing their hearts out to artists like Michael Jackson, Prince, The Clash, Eurythmics, Journey, and Queen. If you stick around long enough, you might even spot some celebrity look-alikes from The Breakfast Club, Back to the Future, Ferris Bueller's Day Off and more! 

Bruin Brawl

Bruin Brawl

This tradition dates back over 50 years! Once per semester our oh-so-coveted stuffed Bruin makes an appearance for Bruin Brawl. He tends to arrive in style - in a police car, trapped in a block of ice, on a gurney in an ambulance, and sometimes even by helicopter. In this event, living areas compete against each other in a free-for-all battle to retrieve the bear.

The winners receive the highest honor of bragging rights and a special prize for their living area. If you are competitive and like to get physical, this is the event for you.

fall fest

Fall Fest

What better way to celebrate the changing colors and endless rain than Fall Fest? This event takes place in October at a local pumpkin patch where students can find their way through a corn maze, participate in pumpkin-carving contests, pie others in the face, or just relax and sip on some hot apple cider. Students get to take home a pumpkin too!

Winter Formal

Winter Formal

Winter Formal is a swing dance with a live band - and the location of the venue is perfect for a classy dinner or a post-dance snack in the heart of downtown Portland! Transportation is provided, but students can opt to take their own vehicles. If you are interested in learning how to swing dance, we offer free classes on campus leading up the event, and students from the Swing Dance club are more than happy to show you some moves. Grab a date or your friends and come dance the night away!

Lip Sync battle

Lip Sync

During the annual Lip Sync battle students gather to watch their peers in a hilarious group dance-off. Past groups have done dances with funny story lines, an adventure through Spotify, Beyonce and Taylor Swift tributes, Disney/Pixar medleys, a Mamma Mia! lip sync dedicated to Robin Baker, and even recorded and remixed their own versions of popular songs. Each group goes through an audition process before they take to the stage ensuring exceptional entertainment for the entire evening. This is an event that you don’t want to miss!

student concert

Student Concert

Got talent but intimidated by large stages? We’ve got you covered. The student concert is a time for people to share their musical gifts with our campus community in an intimate setting, complete with twinkle lights, cozy couches, tea/coffee/cocoa and snacks, and a moody atmosphere. If you hang around long enough, you might find yourself in the middle of a spontaneous karaoke session.

loudest dance

Loudest Dance You’ve Never Heard

The Loudest Dance You've Never Heard is a favorite that takes place in the Murdock Library. The line outside the library grows as 8pm draws nearer. Upon entry, students are handed a set of synced headphones and glow sticks. This year our event was sponsored by Rock Star, so students were able to get caffeinated by their favorite flavor and pumped full of sugar from the snack table. If someone walks into the library without headphones, they'll see rockstar cans lifted high and hear out-of-breath students in headphones jumping and singing along to the DJ's playlist.

polar plunge

Polar Plunge

At George Fox we like to take things to the next level, and the Polar Plunge is no exception. In this event, students are bused to Lake Tilikum where freezing waters, tasty treats, and a bonfire await. They must take the plunge into the lake and make it across to the second dock before receiving their victory prize. Freezing students get to dry off, listen to music, and enjoy s'mores by a bonfire. Space is limited, so be on the lookout for the sign-up sheet!

dating game

The Dating Game

The Dating Game is a night full of fun, laugher, and romance. People line up outside the auditorium over an hour before the event begins because no one wants to miss George Fox's take on the Bachelor/Bachelorette. In the past we've had contestants roll up in a limo and try to woo the Bachelor/Bachelorette before heading inside. Although the game varies yearly, the night typically revolves around mystery and exciting challenges.  Members from the audience are chosen to compete to win the heart of the Bachelor/Bachelorette and a romantic date paid for by Student Activities.

tent city

Tent City

Tent City is the first step in the Juniors Abroad process (to learn more about Juniors Abroad click here). Sophomores pitch a tent on the quad on Thursday Night and pick their Juniors Abroad destinations the following morning. Trip destinations vary each year, many of which end up traveling to more than one country for the ultimate intercultural experience. The bottom five tents have the opportunity to compete throughout the night to win the No. 1 spot. It is a night full of food, games, music and excitement. 

tent city

Spring Formal

The Crystal Ballroom is a venue that has been thriving since it first opened its doors in 1914. The space is unlike any other, with large windows, grand paintings and an astounding “floating” dance floor. We are thrilled to host our final dance of the year at this unique location to celebrate our students' hard work throughout the year and to kick off finals week! This is one of our favorite events because of the location of the Portland venue. Students will often organize a nice dinner before or dessert after. For those who choose not to drive on their own, transportation is always provided by Student Activities.

late night breakfast

Late Night Breakfast & Finals Week Events

Finals week can be tough, that's why our Student Activities team does what they can to help relieve some of that stress. Some of our past finals week events have included free coffee and energy drinks from an on-campus Dutch Bros truck, free pizza and ice cream, a room full of puppies, Pips Donuts made fresh on the spot, and a Fox favorite - Late Night Breakfast.

Late Night Breakfast starts at 10pm on dead day of finals week and goes until midnight. It's free for all students that are willing to take a study break to enjoy some of their favorite breakfast foods - eggs, waffles, pancakes, bacon, ham, donuts, and more. Designated milk-throwers toss out white and chocolate milk to students, music blasts through the cafeteria, wacky breakfast-related challenges shuffle through the screens, and exhausted students show off their dance moves on tables.