Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in forensics at George Fox University?

Any full-time George Fox undergraduate in good academic standing is eligible to participate. The only requirement is interest and commitment. No previous experience is necessary. Of course, any previous high school or college experience in forensics will be beneficial, but you can also obtain training through communication classes like argumentation, and public speaking.

What are the benefits of forensics?

Forensics improves your ability to research and analyze problems, think and listen critically, express your thoughts clearly and fluently, and better understand public affairs. It increases your confidence and provides challenging intellectual stimulation. You will have opportunities to compete against some of the best students from other colleges and universities, to travel, and to develop friendships with other exceptional students at George Fox and across the nation. Many executives, lawyers, teachers, radio and television personalities, and prominent public figures testify to the benefits of their forensics participation. Many of them found lifelong friends through their involvement. They also gained valuable skills for their careers.

What areas are available for participation in forensics?

George Fox has a full selection of competitive forensics activities. Competition in novice or junior divisions can challenge the beginner. Senior-division competition can challenge even the brightest, best-prepared, most experienced competitor. George Fox competes in British Parliamentary Debate and AFA individual events.

Students from the College also compete in a full range of individual events including extemporaneous, impromptu, informative, and after-dinner speaking.

Where do George Fox University forensics participants travel?

Forensics participants travel mainly in the Northwest, competing against Lewis and Clark College, Carroll College, University of Oregon, Pacific University, Willamette University, and others.

Is credit given for forensics?

Yes. By registering for forensics you can receive credit for your participation, depending on competition involvement.

How much time will forensics take?

The time you invest in forensics depends on how much you want to do and at what level. If you want to do well in many events at a national level, you will have to spend a great deal of time. Team meetings, practice debates, and practice speeches are held weekly. This is time well spent as an intellectual experience that reinforces course work.

Many students have participated in forensics while maintaining their grades, and their social lives. For the student who wants to engage in a fun and intellectually challenging activity, the time commitment is completely worthwhile.