Resources for Current Students

Current Music Major Students at George Fox University

Applied Music Lessons

The study of Applied Music is a central feature of all music curricula and continues throughout the music degree program. Private lessons, typically one per week, must be supplemented with diligent outside daily practice. Depending on the performance area and the level of the student's work, the outside practice requirement may be quite substantial. The student must recognize that applied instruction is not primarily for the purpose of earning credits toward a degree, but rather to develop musical talent under the care of a skilled teacher. There is no substitute for regular, diligent practice. Applied music instruction is open to all students.

Applied Music Course Sign up

Music Student Handbook

The music student handbook serves as an introduction to the music department of George Fox University, its mission, its faculty, and its requirements. Students should obtain a copy of the music student handbook each year from the music department website and are responsible to abide by all the requirements contained in it. Music Student Handbook.

Practice Expectations

Students studying in two applied areas should designate one as the primary area. Instructors will expect a minimum of one hour daily practice in the primary area and one half hour daily in the secondary area. Students who arrive at a lesson without having practiced may be required to spend the instruction time practicing independently.

At the beginning of each semester, students are encouraged to sign up for a reserved practice room time. Students may sign up for one hour per day of practice room time for each applied lesson taken. The student signed for a particular time has priority. A student may use any empty practice room, but is expected to relinquish it to any student signed up for that time provided he or she claims the room within the first 15 minutes of the scheduled hour. Students are asked to take all personal belongings with them when they leave their practice room.

Endowed Scholarships

A limited number of endowed awards are made each year to talented music students who show promise of achievement. To be eligible, applicants must have satisfactory academic records, demonstrate active participation in the department, and meet the specific scholarship criteria. Application is made through Student Financial Services. Auditions or personal interviews are usually required of applicants.

Competition Scholarships

Students having auditioned for a music scholarship at the annual Scholarship Competition must meet the following requirements to maintain that award:

  • Membership in a large ensemble
  • Applied Music Lessons
  • Music Majors with Competition Scholarships must participate in Class Piano or Applied Piano Lessons until their proficiency is passed.


The George Fox University Music Department values student involvement in the execution of concerts and events. Listed below are the three core student councils as well as a brief description of each role. Feel free to contact an individual should you have a concern falling under their realm of his/her responsibility. The full Music Executive Council consists of the members of the Choir Council, the Band Council, plus a representative from the Strings Ensemble and Womens Chorale

  • Alyssa Poffenroth and Simeon Brown, Symphony Representatives
  • Amanda Sukonik, Womens Chorale Representative

Choir Executive Council

Choir Council
  • Bobi Whitehead, Director's Assistant
    The Director's Assistant maintains consistent contact with the director and is the main contact in planning and running events as well as overseeing the Choir Executive Council.
  • Bobi Whitehead , President
    The President delivers information from the Director's Assistant to the rest of the Executive Council and is responsible with all communication to Concert Choir members.
  • Bryce Boyle, Vice-President
    The Vice-President oversees the vocal ensemble attire and wardrobe as well as managing set-up and tear-down for events.
  • Allison Kitz, Music Librarian
    The Music Librarian manages the choral library and oversees the distribution of literature to various choral ensembles.
  • Laura Boles , Secretary
    The Secretary tracks attendance for choir members and assists the Music Librarian with his/her work.
  • Micah Scott and Josh Germain, Chaplains
    The Chaplains provide weekly devotionals and times of worship for the Concert Choir and encourage genuine fellowship and community.
  • Natalie Marquette , Festival Coordinator
    The Festival Coordinator is responsible for all activities and communication necessary to the organization, supervision, and running the Choral Symposium and State Qualifying Choral Festival.

Band Executive Council

Band Council
  • Jana Giles and Jesse Groat, Band Managers
    Responsibilities for the Band Managers include calling and running meetings and maintaining communication with the director.
  • Shannon Tabbal, President
    The President assists the Band Manager in running meetings and makes announcements. Responsibilities include keeping band members informed of their responsibilities.
  • Nik Tripp, Vice-President
    The Vice-President assists the President in making announcements, sends group e-mails, and oversees the set-up and tear-down of each concert.
  • Shannon Tabbal, Music Librarian
    The Music Librarian manages the instrumental music library and oversees the distribution of literature to various instrumental ensembles.
  • Mariah Katzberg, Secretary
  • The Secretary takes notes during council meetings, delivers information as needed, and assists the director with instrument inventories.
  • Emily Klockner and Bradley Smith, Chaplains
    The Chaplains pray consistently for the band and prepare a short devotional for the band once a week.
  • Melissa Swanson, Public Relations

Collegiate National Association for Music Educators (CNAfME) Council

CNAfME is a club for all music lovers that works to promote the value of music education. The club attends conferences, makes connections with others in the music profession, and assists in organizing and running festivals and clinics at George Fox.

  • Aliyah Jackson, President
  • Natalie Marquette, Vice-President
  • Emily Davenport, Secretary
  • TBD, Treasurer
  • TBD, Public Relations
  • Natalie Marquette, Exhibit Coordinator
  • Danielle Howard, Freshman Representative

Audition Materials

Information will be posted soon.