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Applied Music Lessons

The study of Applied Music is a central feature of all music curricula and continues throughout the music degree program. Private lessons, typically one per week, must be supplemented with diligent outside daily practice. Depending on the performance area and the level of the student's work, the outside practice requirement may be quite substantial. The student must recognize that applied instruction is not primarily for the purpose of earning credits toward a degree, but rather to develop musical talent under the care of a skilled teacher. There is no substitute for regular, diligent practice. Applied music instruction is open to all students.

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Music Student Handbook

The music student handbook serves as an introduction to the music department of George Fox University, its mission, its faculty, and its requirements. Students should obtain a copy of the music student handbook each year from the music department website and are responsible to abide by all the requirements contained in it. Music Student Handbook.

Practice Expectations

Students studying in two applied areas should designate one as the primary area. Instructors will expect a minimum of one hour daily practice in the primary area and one half hour daily in the secondary area. Students who arrive at a lesson without having practiced may be required to spend the instruction time practicing independently.

At the beginning of each semester, students are encouraged to sign up for a reserved practice room time. Students may sign up for one hour per day of practice room time for each applied lesson taken. The student signed for a particular time has priority. A student may use any empty practice room, but is expected to relinquish it to any student signed up for that time provided he or she claims the room within the first 15 minutes of the scheduled hour. Students are asked to take all personal belongings with them when they leave their practice room.

Endowed Scholarships

A limited number of endowed awards are made each year to talented music students who show promise of achievement. To be eligible, applicants must have satisfactory academic records, demonstrate active participation in the department, and meet the specific scholarship criteria. Application is made through Student Financial Services. Auditions or personal interviews are usually required of applicants.

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