Margaret Fell Scholars Program

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Do you see yourself pursuing a career in Christian ministry, chaplaincy, teaching or service to the church? If so, you may qualify for assistance through the Margaret Fell Scholars Program. Even if you don’t plan to major in theology, you are welcome to apply. 

What It Is

Funded by a substantial grant from the Kern Family Foundation, the program offers a $500 to $1,000 annual scholarship in support of students who are considering a variety of careers in Christian ministry and pursuing a degree in theology or another major. The scholarship money awarded to all Fell Scholars comes in addition to whatever other scholarship money or financial aid they receive.

The grant provides students with mentorship, excellent teaching, scholarship money, and an accelerated path toward both a bachelor’s degree from George Fox and a master’s degree from Portland Seminary in five years. Normally, students pursuing both a BA and MA might take six years, or longer, to achieve both degrees.

How It Works

Students in the program, named after early Quaker visionary Margaret Fell, earn their bachelor’s degree in the normal time frame (four years, or possibly three if they bring in credits). They then receive a substantial credit reduction and take a direct path to receive a master’s degree from the seminary in three semesters.

Check out our Master of Arts in Leadership and Culture page to get a glimpse of the degree options available to you at the seminary. Whatever ministry path you choose, you will be equipped to engage the world for the sake of Christ.


The accelerated path toward both degrees alone potentially saves you tens of thousands of dollars in tuition expenses, and it allows you to enter your vocation one to two years earlier than the traditional route.

The scholarship support also frees you to take on internships and serve in youth ministries during your summers, and the mentorship provided by our faculty ensures you will feel supported at every level − spiritually, academically and personally.

To get a firsthand account of how the program is transforming lives, read student Abby O’Grattan’s story of how the Margaret Fell Scholars Program enriched her college experience

How to Apply

Interested? We are currently accepting students into the program! You can apply simply by reaching out to Professor Sunggu Yang, director of the Margaret Fell Scholars Program, at He’ll provide you with more details and an application form.

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