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The Margaret Fell Scholars Program

The School of Theology is pleased to be a recipient of a substantial grant from the Kern Family Foundation in support of our students who are considering a variety of careers in Christian ministry and pursuing degrees in Theology (Biblical Studies, Christian Ministry, Philosophy). With this grant we aim to provide students with mentorship, excellent teaching, scholarship money, and an accelerated path toward a BA from George Fox University and an MA from Portland Seminary (part of GFU) in five–six years. Normally, students pursuing a BA + MA degree from a Seminary might take seven years, or longer, to achieve both degrees. Students in this program—named the "Margaret Fell Scholars," after early Quaker visionary Margaret Fell—will finish the BA degree in one of our Theology fields in the normal time frame (four years, or possibly three years if they bring in credits) and then receive substantial credit reduction and a very direct path to receive the MA degree from the Seminary in three semesters. The accelerated path toward both degrees alone could save students tens of thousands of dollars, while the scholarship money awarded to all of our Fell Scholars comes in addition to whatever other scholarship money or financial aid a student receives.   
Students considering careers in Christian ministry, chaplaincy, teaching, and service to the Church would be ideal candidates to belong to the growing group of Fell Scholars at GFU. The scholarship support frees our students during summers to take on internships and serve in youth ministries, and the mentorship provided by our faculty ensures that our students feel supported at every level—spiritually, academically, and personally.
For more information on our School of Theology and our Theology degrees, see the our homepage here; for information on our faculty, see the list of professors here; and for more on Portland Seminary and the MA degree, see here
We are currently accepting students into the Fell Scholars program! Students who wish to apply should contact the program director, Dr. Sunggu Yang ( for more details and an application form. 


Fell Scholars Event (Oct. 4th, 2019)

Photos from a Fell Scholars outing to hit some golf balls at Top Golf,
then around the fire for Chipotle and conversations afterward


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