Student ambassadors are George Fox University study abroad alumni. Through events hosted by the Center for Study Abroad, ambassadors are able to share their experiences abroad with their peers while promoting awareness of the numerous international opportunities on campus. If you are considering studying abroad, you are welcome to contact one of our ambassadors to learn more about our programs.


Ambassadors 2020 - 2021



Ethan Whitted
Senior, information systems major
South Africa, Veritas Program - Fall 2019

     "It's impossible for me to recommend studying abroad highly enough, but know that just because the adventure will be life-changing, that does not mean that it will be easy. Studying abroad was hands-down one of the most fun, eye-opening, sad, exciting, formative, lonely, and rewarding experiences of my life, all simultaneously."


Nat Gurnee
Senior, business administration and spanish major
Chile, Veritas Program - Fall 2019

     "I think that everyone who has the chance to study abroad in another country during college should do it. No only does time abroad make your life a whole lot more interesting to talk about, but I found that interacting with those who have had a fundamentally different experience than me taught me far more about the world than what I ever could read in a book. Diving into another culture is an excellent way to round off your character, and I found that I left Chile a different person. Being a part of a study abroad experience is life-changing, and will push you out of your comfort zone in a way that nothing else will." 


Maya Burgess
Senior, international studies and politics major
Seville, Spain, Veritas Program - Fall 2019

     "Since high school I anticipated traveling abroad, preferably somewhere Spanish speaking, preferably Spain. It is funny because you enter the semester filled with anticipation for fun and travel. Don't get me wrong, fun travel adventures happen, but travel is only part of studying abroad. The real thrill of being abroad is learning how to live in a new culture with new people. You learn where to buy your cafe (and how to order correctly). You learn about your host mom, her story, and her favorite things to cook. You get plugged in with a community whether through outreaches or trips. You learn about people from around the world and that was the greatest thrill of all."


Emma Kilcup
Senior, communication arts major
Ecuador, Living & Learning Program - Fall 2019

     "No tenga temor, mi hija. Estamos aprendiendo." Don't be afraid, my daughter. We are learning. Study abroad was a constant exercise in learning in so much more than academics, and I wouldn't trade it for the world (heh, pun). But honestly, I can truly say it was a life-shaping experience for me & you won't regret it."


Meg Cecil
Senior, international studies and sociology major
Jordan, BestSemester Program - Fall 2019

     “I entered my time in Jordan anticipating being challenged by the political, cultural, and religious dimensions of the semester. I expected to walk away from the experience more knowledgeable and with a clearer understanding of my vocational plans. While this semester did introduce me to a wealth of new information, beautiful people, and many perspectives, I have been left with more questions than I began with.”


Meredith Teel
Senior, philosophy major
Oxford, BestSemester Program - Fall 2019

     "My time in Oxford fed my love of adventure and taught me more about who I want to become. Most of all I learned that experiences far outweigh expectations—there is so much beauty outside of the comfort zone—my time abroad taught me to live deep, to stop fearing failure and to fight to find the beauty in life."


Libby Kerns
Senior, english major
Paris, La Sorbonne Program - Fall 2019

     "Studying abroad was a formative time in my life. Paris is a beautiful and complicated city with a rich history and my time there has changed me for the better. My classes, host mother, and time in the city and its surrounding areas taught me not only about the French culture and people but also about myself, as an individual and as an American, in positive and painful ways. It's an experience I'd recommend for anyone and everyone. A bientôt !"


Rachel Nordlund
Senior, international studies and spanish major
Costa Rica, BestSemester Program - Fall 2019

     "Studying abroad and living in Costa Rica was my favorite semester at Fox so far!  It was a formative time in my life.  One that challenged and shaped many of my beliefs and lifestyle choices.  My host family was incredibly caring and I will treasure them and their kindness always. I have become a more developed person because of my host family and the experiences I had in Costa Rica.  Studying abroad is a big step to take, and it will be impactful for everyone who decides to take it.  I encourage you to be brave and allow the world to teach you in ways you can't even imagine! ¡Pura Vida!"


Richard Beck
Senior, economics major
Ecuador, Living & Learning Program - Fall 2019

     "I loved studying abroad! It taught me so much about being from a home culture and how much benefit can come from being somewhere where you are not a local, and how much of a blessing being a "local" is!!"


Cana Buckley
Senior, international studies major
Costa Rica, BestSemester - Fall 2019

     “Studying abroad in Costa Rica taught me how to live with grace. I learned how to think about cultural differences with openness, to accept help from others when daily tasks all of a sudden became challenging, and to allow new people and places to really change me. ¡Pura vida para siempre!"


Emily Radebaugh
Senior, english major
Seville, Spain - Semester in Spain Program - Fall 2019

     "I truly did leave a little piece of my heart in Seville. In fact, many pieces. There's one sitting at the table of my host family's apartment for conversations that last for hours over good food. There's another walking down Calle Asunción listening to music and watching bustling Spaniards enjoy their morning. Another is walking into Café/Bar Santos to order my daily cafelito con leche. And yet another is holding out bread for hungry pigeons in La Plaza de América. These emigrated pieces of my heart are no loss, but rather a tender reminder of my love for this city, its people, its language, and the deeply fulfilling experience it was to live there."


Anna Gallagher
Senior, communication arts major
Rome, Italy - Veritas Program - Fall 2019

     "Rome truly is the eternal city. While living there, the streets became my museum, the people my friends, and the food my heart. Studying in Italy was hands down the best experience of my entire life and I can't stop telling everyone I meet to go there. Ciao!"