Center for Study Abroad Ambassadors

Student ambassadors are George Fox study abroad alumni. Through events hosted by the Center for Study Abroad, ambassadors share their experiences abroad with their peers while promoting awareness of the numerous international opportunities on campus.

If you are considering studying abroad, you are welcome to contact one of our ambassadors to learn more about our programs.

Ambassadors 2022-23

Steven Travis

Head Ambassador
Senior, Biology Major
Ecuador - Fall 2021

“Studying abroad and living in another culture might have been the most challenging, yet rewarding period in my life. Being thrown into a new setting where I didn’t speak the language was intimidating, but learning slowly through the help of my new friends, both from the U.S. and Ecuador, changed my whole outlook. As the semester went on, I was able to better appreciate the beauty of Ecuador, and now, I am inspired to experience the works of God all throughout the world.”

Davis Baker

Junior, Mechanical Engineering Major
South Korea, Handong - Spring 2022

“Purpose and perspective are two of the primary factors that shape our lives. These ever-evolving factors illustrate an exhilarating, strenuous and beautiful journey of one’s growth. While every journey is marked with ridges, gullies and plateaus, each journey is unique and special. Studying abroad was a catalyst for purpose- and perspective-changing events. I will always cherish the experiences, people, places, food, fun and lessons I learned as they continue to influence the way I live.”

Shelby McCormick

Senior, English and History Major
Rome-Living & Learning - Spring 2022

“To say I was nervous about studying abroad would be a bit of an understatement, but every day I am so happy that I took the plunge. It was the best decision I could have made. On top of all the fun things one expects with studying abroad, I was blown away by how much I fell in love with the community I was in, how my relationship with the Lord grew, and how much I was able to discover about myself as a person. Studying abroad could not have come at a better time for me, and I am so grateful that I had this opportunity, as it has shaped who I am today.”

Ruth Munoz

Senior, Sociology Major
Ecuador - Fall 2021

“Studying abroad was at times exhilarating, full of joy, and the foundation of exciting new relationships. I was able to sing worship songs with Ecuadorian children, swim with sea lions, summit a volcano, and try amazing bolon de verde. Simultaneously, it was humbling and difficult. It stretched me to learn more about Ecuadorian culture, Spanish, and myself. It was the most formative experience of my life. I would do it all 100 times over, both the difficult parts and the joyful ones.”

Connor Shelton

Senior, history and spanish major
Oxford - Spring 2021

“Studying abroad opened my horizons and made me realize I don’t have to wait until the undisclosed “later date” to go and see the world. When I was abroad, places that were originally stories came to life. The city of Bath from Jane Austen and the Tower of London with the Crown Jewels are actual places to experience and enjoy outside of books and photos. Friendships and other connections to people, places and experiences continue to shape my life even after over a year since I returned.”

Abigail Sims

Senior, Biology Major
Ecuador - Spring 2022

“The goal of studying abroad is not so simple as to make a student smarter, for if that were the case, you could accomplish just as much while studying on the George Fox campus. Rather, studying abroad is an invaluable opportunity to gain years’ worth of wisdom in the span of four short months – four short months that will bear fruit for my lifetime.”

Alandra Thomas

Junior, Civil Engineering Major
South Korea, Handong - Spring 2022

“My study abroad experience in South Korea was refreshing in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Whether it was climbing boulders over the ocean, bartering in busy markets, gazing down from skyscrapers, dancing in worship services, or having great conversations with people I had just met, God’s utter majesty continued to amaze me and force me to live right there, right then. I’ve traveled to many places before, but there’s something special about working alongside other students, being able to struggle through the tough moments, and rejoice in the great ones together. Some of the experiences I had were truly breathtaking; however it’s the people, and not necessarily the memories, who I will never forget. They touched my life and forever changed the way I see the world.”

Colin Thomas

Senior, International Studies Major
Jordan - Fall 2021

“Studying abroad was both all that I was hoping for and way different from my expectations. I deepened my understanding of the world but also my understanding of myself. I was challenged, but I realized often the hardest part is just taking the first step. I learned more independence, but also new perspectives on family and friendship. I am very grateful for my study abroad experience.”