Center for Study Abroad Ambassadors

Student ambassadors are George Fox study abroad alumni. Through events hosted by the Center for Study Abroad, ambassadors share their experiences abroad with their peers while promoting awareness of the numerous international opportunities on campus.

If you are considering studying abroad, you are welcome to contact one of our ambassadors to learn more about our programs.

Ambassadors 2023-24

Alandra Thomas

Head Ambassador
Senior, Mechanical Engineering Major
South Korea, Handong - Spring 2022

“My study abroad experience in South Korea was refreshing in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Whether it was climbing boulders over the ocean, bartering in busy markets, gazing down from skyscrapers, dancing in worship services, or having great conversations with people I had just met, God’s utter majesty continued to amaze me and force me to live right there, right then. I’ve traveled to many places before, but there’s something special about working alongside other students, being able to struggle through the tough moments, and rejoice in the great ones together. Some of the experiences I had were truly breathtaking; however it’s the people, and not necessarily the memories, who I will never forget. They touched my life and forever changed the way I see the world.”

Davis Baker

Senior, Mechanical Engineering Major
South Korea, Handong - Spring 2022

“Purpose and perspective are two of the primary factors that shape our lives. These ever-evolving factors illustrate an exhilarating, strenuous and beautiful journey of one’s growth. While every journey is marked with ridges, gullies and plateaus, each journey is unique and special. Studying abroad was a catalyst for purpose- and perspective-changing events. I will always cherish the experiences, people, places, food, fun and lessons I learned as they continue to influence the way I live.”

Sam Nofziger

Senior, International Studies Major
Peru - Fall 2022

"My time abroad was unforgettable. I learned a million lessons: some great, some small. Some only apply in the high mountains of Peru. Yet the confidence that knowledge gives me is ever-present. We tell ourselves stories about who we are daily, and my time abroad forms one of the most pivotal, interesting, and zany chapters of my life's book. I'm wonderfully glad for the experience, and I wouldn't trade it for a thing."

Willa Evans

Senior, Mathmatics Major
Ecuador - Spring 2023

"Studying abroad has been the most amazing opportunity. I have had such a positive experience and would highly recommend it to other students. There is so much value in seeing other places and cultures that are so different than what you are used to. I was able to grow so much during my semester away while also seeing so much beauty the world has to offer and building relationships to last a lifetime! Ecuador and the Spanish language will forever hold a very special place in my heart."

Beth Merritt

Senior, Social Work Major
Uganda - Fall 2022

"Having the opportunity to study abroad is something I will never take for granted and will always encourage others to pursue. The ability to not only travel but to learn from another country and culture is immensely humbling and eye-opening. From the nights I spent dancing with friends, to the delicious Ugandan meals to all the people I met along the way: this experience and these people have shifted the way in which I want to move forward into the future."

Rachael Vorster

Junior, English Major
Irish Studies Program - Spring 2023

"Studying abroad was a once in lifetime experience that has been a highlight of my time at
college. I loved fully immersing myself in the culture of Northern Ireland, learning about its
history, literature, and art in the classroom, before going out in the country and seeing what I
learned brought to life. The community I built among other students challenged me to push my
boundaries about what I thought was comfortable, grow spiritually, and do my best
academically. It was a transformative experience and a pivotal moment in the trajectory of my