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Unlock answers through data

Take your skills from data novice to data specialist in just four courses. In this certificate, you will apply basic data science tools, including data management and visualization, modeling and machine learning using your choice of either SAS or Python. You will analyze a research question, summarize your insights and report your findings in a professional-quality report.

The Certificate in Data Analytics is perfect if you’re considering a career in data or need to bolster your data skills for your current line of work.

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What Will I Study?

  • Data analysis tools such as SAS or Python
  • How to develop and test hypotheses about data
  • Basic statistical principles to answer questions developed
  • How to apply the appropriate statistical test to specific data and questions
  • To apply, test and interpret machine learning algorithms to address research questions
  • How to produce professional reports representing data analysis
  • Strategies for effectively communicating data and statistical findings

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Why Study Data Analytics?

  • Pursue advanced learning in a growing field
  • Add an emphasis to an existing major of study
  • Highlight a specialization in your current or future occupation
  • Demonstrate higher-level learning in these areas to graduate schools


In this course, you'll learn how to apply basic data analysis tools using your choice of SAS or Python or both. You will begin to develop research skills by proposing a research question and conducting a literature review. You'll practice generating testable hypotheses, understanding large data sets, managing data, conducting statistical analyses, and presenting results to expert and novice audiences. Through this course, you will learn foundational concepts of data management and visualization.

In this course, you'll develop and test hypotheses about data through the use of various statistical tests, utilizing data analysis tools SAS or Python. You will continue the refinement of your research questions to explore data analysis using statistical tests and tools.

This course focuses on machine learning processes of developing, testing, and applying predictive algorithms to achieve a goal. You'll learn about basic classification, decision trees and clustering and will continue the refinement of your research questions to explore data analysis using statistical tests and tools, including machine learning.

In this course, you'll apply and refine the data analytic techniques learned from previous certificate courses to address a research question of choice. Using real world data, you will complete a project and present your findings to the class. Prerequisite: DATA 210: Introduction to Data Analysis and DATA 224: Data Analysis Tools

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Tuition for all online certificates costs $499 per credit hour. Each class is generally three credits. The total cost for the Certificate in Data Analytics is $5,988 over an eight-month period.

Payment plans are available.

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Credits you earn in this certificate program will count toward a bachelor’s degree in our Adult Degree Program. If you’re interested in learning more about applying credits to a bachelor’s degree, contact our adult degree admissions team today!


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