Human Communication Concentration

No matter your future professional endeavors, you will work with people. And to be successful, you’ll need strong communication skills enabling you to problem solve in a team environment, manage and mentor effectively and pursue common goals across departments.

Whether you see yourself working in a leadership role at a company or overseeing a ministry or nonprofit organization, the human communication concentration of the communication major will equip you to step into the role effectively and with confidence. Talk about versatility!

This concentration focuses on the theories of communication and everyday communication interactions and problem solving. Course work will prepare you for leadership and management positions in settings that range from global organizations to the political arena, human resources and ministry – and any other field where communication is critical.

Now it’s up to you to decide where you will apply your newfound communication skills!

Why Study Human Communication at George Fox?

students engaging in a discussion during the communication class

What will I Study?

  • In our mass media and popular culture course, you’ll analyze the roles of mass media in shaping and altering opinion and values in contemporary culture.
  • You will delve deep into the major sources of communication theory (e.g., meaning theory, humanistic psychology, symbolic interactionism, relational theory, information processing) and examine contemporary exemplifications of each approach.
  • You’ll study methods of rhetorical criticism as applied to public communication of the past and present, including but not limited to, speeches, broadcasts, films, and campaigns.
  • Our small-group communication course examines and applies theories of small-group structures, climate, roles, leadership, motivation, and conflict management.
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