Photography Minor

Do you love capturing the moments? Seeking out adventures that are photo-worthy and finding opportunities to share visual stories? Are you always looking for good lighting? Perhaps you want to photograph products for the market or expand your skills to capture images that matter?

George Fox’s 18-semester-hour photography minor can help you gain industry skills. It provides an overview of capturing images on film and digital, editing in Adobe platforms, and introducing you to skills such as lighting, composition, and printing.

Ultimately, the curriculum will prepare you not only for client- or art-related careers, but enhance skills needed for a variety of visual and technical careers.

Chat with a Current Student

A happy current student
Student working on art classwork

What Will I Study?

Core courses you will take include:

  • Beginning Photography is a 35mm black-and-white film class. You will learn the basics of photography, process film by hand, and print pictures in the darkroom. 
  • The curriculum of Creative Suite and Digital Tools courses cover the Adobe platforms, including Photoshop. You will build on software competencies and editing skills.  
  • In Intermediate Photography, you will explore a creative vision using large format 4x5 cameras, scanning film, editing software, and inkjet/analog printing. You will refine your photography interests and build a personal or professional portfolio.
  • In Advanced Photography, you will explore the professional industry and find where they fit in the larger context of the photographic industry, continuing to build a photographic portfolio.
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