Become a School Psychologist

School Psychology Programs in Oregon

Upon earning the required credentials to become a school psychologist, you will be prepared to work effectively with K-12 children, their families, and the school system to help children be successful and flourish both interpersonally and educationally – and equipped to do so in both public and private schools throughout Oregon.

George Fox’s school psychology programs are approved by the Oregon Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC) and accredited by the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP).

The Role of School Psychologists

School psychologist working with a child

School psychologists address complex challenges while addressing the physiological, psychological, relational, spiritual and educational needs of K-12 students. They are bridge builders as they navigate relationships between students, parents, educators and community resources. They advocate for students of all ages, diverse backgrounds, and varied developmental, cognitive and emotional stages.

Employment Outlook

According to U.S. News & World Report, school psychology consistently ranks high in its “Best Social Services Jobs” list. In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects jobs for clinical, counseling and school psychologists will grow 3% from 2019 to 2029.

Become a School Psychologist

Two Routes at George Fox

If you desire to address some of the biggest challenges that face students in K-12 settings and advocate for their well-being, George Fox offers two ways to become licensed as a school psychologist.

EdS in School Psychology

An education specialist (EdS) degree in school psychology will prepare you to become a school psychologist in a public or private school setting and equip you to test and assess students, analyze test results, and discern areas of need for children in Oregon and throughout the country.

An EdS is the preferred or required degree for licensure as a school psychologist. Our EdS in school psychology program takes three to four years to complete and offers flexible schedule options, allowing you to complete your degree on your own time.

EdS in School Psychology

School Psychology Certificate

A school psychology certificate is designed for those who already have a master’s or doctoral degree in a mental health field and wish to pursue licensure in the school psychology profession.

Our school psychology certificate program takes two to four years to complete (depending on what prerequisites you’ve already earned) and offers flexible schedule options that allow you to complete your certificate on your own time.

School Psychology Certificate


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George Fox University received full accreditation status on June 11, 2021, by the Accreditation Commission of the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP). The university's College of Education is accredited for the next seven years under AAQEP standards, after a fruitful and virtual Quality Assurance Review in April 2021.

About George Fox

As Oregon's nationally recognized Christian university, faculty and students at George Fox University discuss moral and ethical issues within the context of a Christian worldview. The majority of school psychologists practice in public school settings and are taught to adhere to the constitutional guidelines regarding the separation of church and state.

However, like all psychologists, they inevitably model their worldview by interacting with students, colleagues and parents in ways that are just and that demonstrate the value of each individual. The context of George Fox University as an independent Christian university enables students to expand their viewpoints and to learn to model their awareness and appreciation for student diversity.

Rishel Samson

Current Student, Certificate in School Psychology

I’ve made connections and impactful relationships with my colleagues and professors. My decision to attend George Fox has been validated through the incorporation of my Christian faith and the small class size where I always feel known. Through this program, I’ve been intellectually challenged and provided with experiences that will help develop the skills needed in my career. Through my academics in the Graduate School of Counseling, I have been allowed to explore and combat my potential biases and have learned concepts that will be applicable in my career. My professors have continued to be dedicated to student success and my colleagues have provided a network of support that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I feel better equipped to serve as a School Psychologist because of the advanced coursework and the desire to create a more equitable education for all children.


Photo of Gabriela Elkins

Gabriela Elkins

Admissions Counselor, Graduate Counseling Programs