Current Student Tips

Below are some tips from our international students

How to make friends:

"Read your Daily Bruin emails because they talk about many activities on campus where you can make friends" (Changxi).

"If your friends ask you to hang out with them, say YES - is it a good opportunity to improve your relationship" (Mingjun).

"Make friends with... [your] roommates - it is of vital importance" (Zhenheng).

How to do well academically:

"Follow the study guide that professors give to prepare your tests. Always finish your homework in advance so that you will have time to review" (Mingjun).

"Engage in class - whenever you have a thought, say it" (Zhenheng). 

"Ask professors for help, use the Academic Resource Center, get a writing tutor" (Moe).

What to do during your free time:

"Mount Hood is a good place to have fun in summer or winter" (Changxi).

"If you really want to learn American cultures and make friends, it is really helpful for you to do activities during weekends/breaks with local people" (Mingjun).

"Find a campus job. Go to church with American friends. Hang out. Travel" (Lei).

How to get around without a car:

"Take the bus or ask someone who has a car for a ride" (Zhenheng).

"Make friends who have cars and ask for a ride" (Lei).

"Walk, bike" (Moe).