Diplomas are mailed approximately six to eight weeks after your graduation date, sent via first-class mail to the address designated as your mailing address on MyGeorgeFox. If you choose to attend the commencement ceremony you will receive a diploma cover at that time.

Undergraduate (bachelor's degree) diplomas include your degree earned and your major(s) and concentration(s) if applicable. If you were part of the honors program, that will also be noted on the diploma.

Latin graduation honors and minors are not printed on the diploma, however both are indicated on the transcript.

If you have any questions about diplomas, please contact the registrar’s office at 503-554-2218.

Replacement Diplomas

A new diploma may be ordered from the registrar’s office in situations where a graduate wishes to have more than one copy, in situations where the original diploma has been lost or damaged, or if the graduate’s name has been legally changed.

The reissued diploma will include a statement indicating the date the diploma was reissued. The new diploma will include the original degree earned, original major earned, and original conferral date, but the official signatures and name of the institution may be different from those on the original diploma. Please allow two to four weeks for the production of a duplicate diploma.

Name Change

If your name has been legally changed, a new diploma may be ordered from the registrar’s office. The name on the diploma must be identical to the name currently on your official academic record. You may change the name on your academic record by submitting a Name Change Form.

Errors or Mailing Damage

In cases where the diploma was damaged in the mailing process or has errors, you may email a picture of the damaged or incorrect diploma to registrar@georgefox.edu and request a replacement free of charge.


Diploma reorders cost $50. Our current bachelors diplomas are 8.5”x11”, and masters and doctoral diplomas are 11”x14”. All diploma reorders will be printed at these sizes whether or not the original was a different size. The cost to replace a certificate is $25 due to their smaller size.


All requests for duplicate or replacement diplomas must be made by submitting a Diploma Reorder Form.

Notarized/Certified Copy of Diploma/Transcript

A notarized copy of a diploma is a quality copy of the original that has been authenticated and notarized by the registrar’s office. Requests are processed within two to four weeks.

A request for a notarized transcript or diploma can be made by submitting a Notarized Copy of Transcript/Diploma Form. A $10 special service fee is required for each notarized/certified document.

Apostille or Authentication

In some situations students may be required to provide an apostille or authentication along with the notarized transcript or diploma. Foreign jurisdictions often require them before they will accept the notarized document. More information is available from the Oregon Secretary of State.

Please fill out the Notarized Copy of Transcript/Diploma Form and include a $10 service fee (cash or check made payable to George Fox University). Please indicate on the form which document(s) need to have the apostille or authentication attached. If there are any documents that need to be included with the apostille, the student would need to provide those documents as well.

If you do not have your original diploma, you may order a replacement diploma on the same form and include payment for the replacement diploma.

If you are requesting the registrar's office to send your notarized document directly to the Oregon Secretary of State, the Authentication Application Form from the Oregon Secretary of State will need to be filled out. Include the application form, a self-addressed stamped envelope, and a $10 check made out to the State of Oregon with the registrar’s office order form.

The registrar’s office can help students both domestic and abroad with each unique apostille/authentication situation. For assistance, please call 503-554-2218.