Faculty and Staff Resources

Use this page as a resource for policies and information regarding everything from grading and exams to course scheduling, advising, and more.

Academic Policies

Visit the Academic Handbook to get detailed information on the transfer of credits, academic records, enrollment policies, the grading system, graduation, and more.


Get info on the advising philosophy at George Fox and registration recommendations by major.

Course Scheduling

George Fox builds course schedules approximately one year in advance of the course offerings. Find out more about this process, as well as upcoming class scheduling deadlines and holidays.

Data Requests

Seeking out data regarding assessment plans and results, survey results or common data sets? Visit this page as a resource.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords eligible students certain rights with respect to their education records. 

Final Exam Schedule

The final exam schedule is constructed so as to minimize exam time conflicts in student, instructor, and classroom schedules.

Forms and Applications

Visit this page to find all registrar forms that allow students to add a class, make a major or minor change, or request incomplete grades, among other things. 


Find instructions on entering/changing grades, entering midterm grades, the grading schedule, grading policies, and more.

Semester Dates

Get specifics on semester start and end dates for the upcoming academic year.

MyGeorgeFox Instructions for Faculty & Staff