Academic Planning for Undergraduates

Your Academic Advisor

Advising is key to your experience at George Fox, providing you with the opportunity to build a relationship with your advisor for the purpose of gaining assistance in planning your educational career, in learning the skills needed for academic success, and in learning how to access the variety of resources and services available to you on campus.

For traditional undergraduate students, your CAP coach in the Career & Academic Planning Center, as well as your faculty advisor in your major department, are great people to consult for academic advising.

For Adult Degree Programs students, your enrollment counselor as well as your faculty advisor are the best people to consult for academic advising.

For graduate students, a faculty advisor within your degree program will be assigned to you and will be the best person to contact with advising questions.

You can look up who your faculty advisor is in your MyGeorgeFox > Academic Progress > Advisors.

Advising Resources

All students have access to your “My Academic Requirements” in MyGeorgeFox. Here you can view your degree audit, which lists all the requirements necessary for your degree. This can be found under Academic Progress > My Academic Requirements.

Available classes for the current year are listed on our course schedule. Be sure to select the correct term and your class level, then you can search courses by subject.

As you plan your class schedule it’s important to understand certain registration policies and deadlines. For additional information, you may contact the appropriate person in the registrar's office.

For traditional undergraduate students, the CAP Center offers several academic planning resources, including four-year course plans for each of our majors. This will give you additional insight into building your class schedule for your first and subsequent years.

As a new student at George Fox University, you will be assigned to a faculty advisor based on your declared major. If you are undeclared, a faculty advisor is not assigned and you should rely on your CAP coach for advising.

You may select or change a faculty advisor by completing the Major/Advisor Change Form designed for this purpose. This form is for traditional undergraduate students (non-Adult Degree Programs students).

To declare or change your major and/or minor at George Fox, you need to complete a Major/Advisor Change Form. This form routes to the department for approval and to assign a faculty advisor before it updates in the system. This form is for traditional undergraduate students (non-Adult Degree Programs students).

Once the form is processed, your MyGeorgeFox Academic Requirements Report will then be updated to reflect the change in curricular requirements so you can better plan your course schedule for the future.

Once your requirements have been updated, your advisor(s) can assist you with future course planning based on the appropriate curriculum. If selecting more than one major, be sure to determine which major is your primary major (the one for which you will receive your primary advising).

The university offers a number of optional minors that can be used to supplement your education and provide further opportunities for personal and professional development.

A faculty advisor or CAP coach can help you make decisions regarding the selection of a particular minor to help fulfill your vocational goals. Please refer to the undergraduate catalog for current minor requirements.

You must complete 37 credits of general education, referred to as the “Cornerstone Core.” Though transfer credit may apply to core requirements, at least nine credits must be taken in residence at George Fox.

Visit this General Education Package page to learn more about the Cornerstone Core and its requirements.

Planning Resources

In MyGeorgeFox, under “Manage Classes,” you have access to several tools for managing your academic goals. One tool, called “Planner,” allows you to plan your future classes using your degree requirements.

When it comes time to register, you can use your Planner tool to enroll in courses. You can also use the Planner as a communication tool with your advisor. They are able to see your plan and advise you based on it. View these step by step instructions for help using your planner.

If you have technical questions regarding your Planner, please contact Nancy Fawver in the registrar's office at 503-554-2224 or