Chapel Changes 2014-2015 - FAQ

What are all of the chapel changes?

Chapel in Bauman is scheduled on Tuesdays at 10:50 a.m. and Wednesdays at 7 p.m. A few classes are scheduled during these time slots, so you will have to plan accordingly. Students are required to complete 15 chapel credits during each semester. Up to 5 of these credits can come from Chapel Electives. Chapel Electives are other options listed on our website and sponsored by a faculty member, academic department or student life.

Are viewing podcasts still an option?

Podcasts will be available for viewing; however, only students who qualify for a waiver may turn in podcast forms for credit. If your schedule conflicts with chapel, a chapel waiver must be submitted and permission must be granted. After permission is granted your MyGFU will have forms that appear on it to turn in for credit.

 Is chapel required?

Chapel continues to be required for students who are under 23 years old on or before the beginning of the semester or have fewer than 93 cumulative course credits completed (senior standing).

Why did the chapel times and policy change?

The university recognized the complexity of scheduling chapel during class time, and thus created space on Tuesday mornings for chapel to occur without class conflicts.

Why aren’t podcast forms going to be available to fill out to all students?

One of the primary reasons we have chapel is to encourage our undergraduate student body to gather together in person to worship. While podcasts can also be formative, we want to make every effort to encourage students to worship in person with other Fox students.

How are the morning and evening chapels different?

The morning chapel will feature guests of the university and other members of the George Fox community. The evening chapel will mostly feature our pastoral team at George Fox. 

How will students be able to get all their required credits if they have class during the morning and evening chapel times?

Students may apply for a chapel waiver. The Chapel Accountability Committee will review the waiver and according to the student's circumstance will either waive some of the students credits, wave the requirement completely or will make viewing podcasts available for credit.

Can any “spiritual” event on campus count as a chapel elective?

Only approved chapel electives listed on the “Chapel Elective” section of the spiritual life website count.