Administrative Policies

Table of Contents

Automobiles and Parking

All vehicles brought to campus, whether owned by employees, students, or the university, must be registered with Campus Public Safety.

For information about registering your vehicle or appealing a parking ticket, please see the Campus Traffic and Parking Regulations,

Babysitting and Childcare

Because of safety concerns and insurance limitations, facilitating on-campus childcare is not permitted.

Computers and Technology

Internet access and use is considered a privilege. While computers have become a great asset to the educational environment, one must be aware of the pitfalls of technology. Students are charged with the responsibility to use them with discretion and wisdom.

The university believes it is unacceptable to misuse computers or other mediums of communication for the purpose of harassment; use, possession, or distribution of pornography; plagiarism; any other violations of the community standards; or any violations of state or federal law. The university does not guarantee privacy on the university network or e-mail, and reserves the right to monitor and search any network traffic or files.

For other specific policies regarding computer use, please see the university's Acceptable Use Policy. More information can also be found at the Institutional Technology (IT) web page at

Video and computer games should be played while considering the balance of all other aspects required of you. Students are encouraged to guard their time carefully and balance recreation with academic work and social development.

Social Media Policy

Students are expected to use discernment, good judgment, and respect when posting on social media. George Fox does not regularly review content posted to social media sites. However, any posted content that comes to the attention of student life staff is subject to review in accordance with the University’s lifestyle standards and guidelines, as well as other community policies.

Students who are found to violate these policies in their posts are subject to disciplinary action. Please think before you post, be calm and clear headed, and avoid emotional or reactive posts that can be disrespectful or harmful to others. Please keep in mind that your family, roommates, internship supervisors, and future employers may read your posts, as well as prospective students, their parents, alumni, professors and college administrators. Search engines can turn up posts and pictures years after publication.

Institutional Statement Policy

George Fox is unified in our pursuit of educating and inspiring students to pursue God’s calling.  The university administration seeks to create a campus climate where all students, employees and alumni feel safe and welcome. Whether or not the university makes a statement about a specific issue or event, George Fox will always stand against racism, sexism and the exploitation of vulnerable people. We are dismayed when justice is not done and seek to follow Jesus’ command to love God with all our heart, soul and mind and to love our neighbors as ourselves. 

As a general policy, neither the George Fox administration or the president will produce a statement on political, legal or social events that do not directly involve the university or members of our community. In the aftermath of national or international events that cause emotional distress, students and employees are encouraged to utilize the many provided campus resources including counseling, Student Life and spiritual life staff. In rare cases, George Fox may release an institutional statement on issues or events in which the university community is directly involved. However, due to privacy laws and concerns, the university generally does not comment on student discipline or individual employment matters.

The university will immediately alert the campus when a direct and credible threat to the safety of our community is identified. The university’s Threat Assessment Team works with local authorities to evaluate and respond to threats to our community.

Campus Student Display Policy

Applies to student-sponsored public displays that serve an educational purpose (note: Student Life has the discretion to alter this policy as appropriate).

Through this policy, George Fox attempts to balance these goals:

  1. Campus space that is attractive and welcoming to students, employees, and visitors.
  2. Campus space that can be easily maintained by Plant Services.
  3. Provide opportunities for students to educate the community about their areas of passion

Educational Display Approval process

Instructions for Approval

  1. Work with your respective sponsor or advisor
  2. The sponsoring student club or organization will complete the application with the Student Life Office.

The Student Life Office will work with the following areas for approval

  1. Club or organization advisor
  2. Sponsoring campus department or office
  3. Aesthetics Committee 
  4. Plant Services 

Submissions for approval must be submitted at least two weeks before the display is to be posted

An educational display is not considered ‘approved’ until final notification is received from Student Life

Jere Witherspoon


Student Life has the discretion to alter this policy as appropriate.

Details about the policy can be found here:
Student Display Procedures & Request Form:

Length of display

Location and Maintenance of display

Length of display

Location and Maintenance of display


Note: The University has approved separate policies regarding solicitation, student clubs and organizations, free speech and peaceful assembly, and club or event advertisements. Most of these policies (listed below) are outlined in the Undergraduate Student Handbook or Associated Student Community (ASC) Clubs Manual.

Event Marketing/Posters Policy (Things You Need to Know About Posting in Clubs Manual)

Club advertising on campus must abide by the George Fox Student Handbook posting policy.

Solicitation Policy

Soliciting of any kind on campus, including door-to-door solicitation, is prohibited on-campus. If a solicitor or any suspicious-looking person approaches you, call Campus Public Safety at 503-554-2090 immediately with a description of the individual. Please do not confront the person. Contact Campus Public Safety or Student Life if you have any questions.

Student Organizations and Clubs

For most students the University experience is greatly enhanced through participation in co-curricular activities. George Fox University views this participation as essential to healthy growth and development and to the attainment of a well-rounded education. There are numerous opportunities for students to be involved and the University encourages engagement and participation through those venues. The Student Activities Director aims to support and strengthen several student clubs each year. 

As a Christ-centered community, the existence and activities of all clubs and organizations are ultimately authorized by the Student Life Office and must be consistent with the values, lifestyle expectations, Christ-centered commitments and community policies found in the Student Handbook

These expectations and policies govern the personal conduct of all undergraduate students and student organizations at GFU. Clubs must also meet standards of safety as defined by the University.

General Safety and Facilities

Within our campus community, there are numerous important considerations regarding safety within academic, residential and auxiliary buildings and structures. Students are expected to comply with all day-to-day policies and procedures. This includes, but is not limited to the following: appropriate entry, access and use of university facilities; as well as wearing appropriate attire, including shoes in buildings. The University also prohibits activities such as: climbing or accessing interior or exterior walls of buildings, campus structures or bridges; climbing through windows; or being on any building roof or ledge.

Fire Safety

In regard to fire safety, it is expected that community members will work to promote a healthy and safe campus environment, specifically avoiding behaviors that may put another community member at risk. Any interference with the normal operation of a fire alarm system and/or inappropriate and unauthorized use of firefighting equipment is prohibited and considered by the university to be serious and unacceptable behavior.  

Furthermore, students are not permitted to discharge any type of fireworks or explosives in and around buildings, tamper with a building's electrical system, burn incense or have open flames (including candles) in or near campus buildings (with the exception of residence hall fireplaces), refuse to participate in or obstruct any fire drills, use open-coil appliances, or place any motorized vehicle in a building or on a porch.

All these behaviors violate the fire safety code and may be subject to fines, compensation for damages, and/or other appropriate responses.

Non-Motorized Transportation

Non-motorized modes of transportation (including bicycles, roller blades, and scooters) are permitted on campus, but are prohibited from being ridden in any campus building.

Skateboarding, including long boarding, is permitted as a mode of transportation providing the rider is using the board appropriately, and the wheels stay in contact with the ground at all times while riding. Students are encouraged to utilize the skate park located in Newberg.

All non-motorized modes of transportation must be operated in a respectful and safe manner on campus property, and should yield to pedestrians.

Posting Policy

This policy is intended to provide guidelines for appropriately posting materials and advertising events on the George Fox University campus. The intent is to effectively use space in a way that avoids damage to physical structures, creates an aesthetically pleasing campus environment, minimizes the need for repair or replacement, and is consistent with lifestyle standards and other general expectations of the university. 

Students are encouraged to make use of The Daily Bruin, select campus video monitors (managed by student government or Student Life), and campus social media accounts to promote and advertise events and activities. 

Community members are also encouraged to review the Residence Hall Decorations and Postings (for students living on campus), Free Speech and Peaceful Assembly, and On-Campus Political Activities sections of the Student Handbook

Content, materials, and dimensions 

Location and duration 

Approval Process

Removal of Postings


The University has established the policy regarding drones in order to be in compliance with governmental regulations, state law, and other applicable local law, as well as to reduce risks to safety, security, and privacy. The operation of drones or other unmanned aircraft systems is prohibited on campus unless it is for university purposes with permission from the Executive Director of Marketing Communications, the Associate Director of Marketing Content or the Associate Director of Athletics. In addition to this approval, the drone pilot must be licensed as an FAA-Certificated remote Pilot.


Due to safety concerns and fire risk associated with hoverboards that have been raised by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the potential impact to the safety of our community, George Fox University has decided to currently ban these devices. Until further notice, the use, possession, or storage of hoverboards, including all self-balancing type scooters and hands-free segways, will not be permitted on campus or on any GFU property.

Campus Public Safety and Crime Statistics

In compliance with the Clery Act, crime statistics and campus safety policies are available on the Campus Public Safety website.


Theft or damage to property of another, including members of the university community or on university premises is prohibited. Cases of theft should be reported to the police and Campus Public Safety. Students can help prevent theft by the following Property Theft Prevention guidelines on the Campus Public Safety website.

Weapons, Fire Arms, Munitions & Explosives

The safety and security of all members of our community is of utmost importance. The university prohibits the possession, use, or threatened use of firearms (including air rifles, airsoft pistols, and paint guns), fireworks, ammunition, explosives, chemicals or any other weapons on university property or at university-sponsored activities or on university-supervised property. University personnel may confiscate any weapons, firearms or items that fire a hard projectile or paint ball. Professional law enforcement officers are the only persons permitted to possess firearms while on campus. Concealed weapons are prohibited.

Pepper spray in amounts of 1.5 oz. or less or contact tasers may be carried for personal protection. If pepper spray or tasers are used inappropriately, they may be confiscated and appropriate consequences assessed. Large knives or swords are prohibited on-campus, including all residential buildings. Small pocket knives (less than 4” blade) are permitted on campus.