Clinical Practicums and Internships

2016-17 practicum placements by type

Distribution of the sites recently selected by our students

Clinical training is a fundamental aspect of the George Fox PsyD Program. Throughout the program, students take part in hands-on practicum (field training) experiences at a wide range of locations, including medical centers, schools, university clinics, community mental health centers and forensic placements. Students will also complete a year-long internship during the fifth year of their program as part of their doctoral training.

The clinical training program is highly structured and the development of clinical skill is sequential, graded in complexity and cumulative with each training year building on the previous experience.


First Year

During the first year in the program, all students are enrolled in the Clinical Foundations course. This course offers the opportunity to develop foundational skills through the use of lecture, small group meetings and individual feedback. All students have the opportunity to participate in simulated psychotherapy by providing services (10 sessions) to volunteering university undergraduates. All sessions are recorded and reviewed by the student, the teaching assistant and the professor.

Second Year

Practicum I occurs during the second year of the program. Students have the opportunity to choose from a range of practicum sites (see above) and are encouraged to seek placements at which they will be able to work with a broad range of clients. In addition to their on-site practicum supervision, students continue to participate in on-campus training activities, including weekly team meetings led by a Clinical Mentor.

Third Year

Practicum II provides an opportunity for students to gain experience in their particular area of interest; whether it is with a specific population (child, adolescent, adult) or a specific setting (medical, university). Students are encouraged to select practicum-training experiences based on their short- and long-term professional goals. Students continue to participate in on-campus training oversight activities.

Fourth Year

Pre-internship: Students are encouraged to seek training opportunities that will increase the breadth or depth of their clinical skills. Pre-interns continue to participate in on-campus training activities and begin providing oversight supervision to second-year students. During this year, students are also helped to prepare for internship application and placement.


Fifth Year

Internship: The internship is the culmination of the previous four years of training. For most students, internship is a full-time, one-year clinical placement that is typically associated with a stipend from the internship site. Internship training occurs at APA-accredited and APPIC-approved sites including veteran hospitals, university counseling centers, medical centers, forensic hospitals and community mental health centers. Check out where recent students have gone for internships.

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