Areas of Emphasis

Students have the option of selecting one clinical emphasis area during their program.


A clinical emphasis is an organized education and training experience in specific areas of clinical interests. An area of emphasis includes a combination of:

  • Coursework (four courses, combination of required and electives)
  • Two practica experiences in your area of emphasis
  • Research project (may or may not be dissertation)


  • An emphasis area will help you to tailor your coursework, research and practicum based on your area of interest, while still providing the generalist training that is essential to a career in professional psychology.
  • An emphasis area allows you to integrate current research and practice through guided mentoring.
  • An emphasis area will help you to articulate your training and experience in standardized language.


You may select an emphasis area near the end of your first or second year. 


You will meet with your research and/or clinical mentor to receive approval.

areas of emphasis