Portland Seminary is proud to partner with these organizations:

The Leadership Center

The Leadership Center is a network empowering new leaders and helping to grow ministries through internships, mentoring, equipping and scholarships.

The Leadership Center

Identifying and training new leaders is essential to growing ministries throughout Oregon and beyond. We are committed to transforming leadership through:

  • Creating Internships for students
  • Providing Mentorship as leaders develop
  • Offering Scholarships for current/future leaders
  • Ongoing Equipping for pastors Invest in developing leaders for the future of the church

To learn more about The Leadership Center, contact the director,  Trisha Welstad.

The Friends Center

The Friends Center at Portland Seminary is a program supported by the Friends denomination with goals of educating, training, mentoring and equipping those who have been called to leadership in the Friends Church in the Northwest and beyond. The Friends Center

In addition to supporting the regular degree programs of the seminary with Friends-specific courses, the center provides seminar, workshop, conference, and individual-study courses for Friends students as well as leaders already serving in local congregations. The director is available on the seminary campus to informally mentor and consult with students and to gather Friends students together for worship, reflection on their course work, and the chance to dialogue with one another about ministry in the local church.

To learn more about The Friends Center, contact the director, Monik Kadarmanto.