Visiting Professors and Adjunct Faculty

Visiting Professors

Photo of Len Sweet

Len Sweet

Visiting Distinguished Professor

Academic Background: An honors and Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Richmond, he earned his M.Div. from Colgate Rochester Divinity School and PhD from the University of Rochester. He is the recent recipient of honorary doctorates from Coe College (Iowa), the University of Richmond (Virginia), Baker University (Kansas), Otterbein College (Ohio) and Lebanon Valley College (Pennsylvania). He is the lead mentor for Portland Seminary's Doctor of Ministry in Semiotics, Church & Culture.

Expertise and Research Interests: Full biography

Photo of Jason Swan Clark

Jason Swan Clark

Visiting Professor and Founding Pastor of  Vineyard Church Sutton

Academic Background: PhD, "Evangelicalism and Capitalism: A Reparative Account and Diagnosis of Pathogeneses in the Relationship," London School of TheologyDMin, Theology and Leadership, Portland Seminary; BA, Hons Theology, London School of Theology. He is the lead mentor for Portland Seminary's Doctor of Leadership in Global Perspectives.

Certifications: Post Graduate Certificate in Education, University of Greenwich (London)

Expertise and InterestsEcclesiology, worship, theological anthropology, political theology, spiritual formation, leadership, capitalism and consumerism, Christian ethics, visual ethnography, evangelical theology & history, charismatic and pentecostal theology, missional theology, church planting, preaching & teaching, theological education & practice


Photo of Ken Van Vliet

Ken Van Vliet

Guest Mentor; Pastor, Monte Vista Chapel

Academic Background:BA, Business Administration, California State University Stanislaus; MDiv, Bethel Theological Seminary; DMin, Leadership and Spiritual Formation, Portland Seminary.

Expertise and Interests:Spiritual formation in the local church; systemic, organizational and cultural change; leadership development; pastoral coaching.


Adjunct Faculty

Photo of Dominic Abaria

Dominic Abaria

Adjunct Professor of Leadership & Formation

Academic Background: DMin, Portland Seminary; MDiv, Western Seminary; BA, Concordia University

Certifications: Association of Professional Chaplains

Expertise and Interests: Ministerial and Clergy Burnout, Non-profit Organizational Leadership, Pastoral Leadership, Preaching, Teaching, Christian Spiritual Formation, and Spiritual Direction

Website: Fermata Ministries

Photo of Alyssa Bell

Alyssa Bell

Adjunct Professor of Spiritual Formation

Academic Background: DMin Leadership & Spiritual Formation, Portland Seminary; MDiv Pittsburgh Theological Seminary

Certifications: Spiritual Direction Training, Companioning Center

Expertise and Interests: Pastoral Care, Leadership, Spiritual Formation, Spiritual Care for Mothers in Ministry



Photo of Cherice Bock

Cherice Bock

Adjunct Professor of Spiritual Formation

Academic Background: MDiv, Princeton Theological Seminary; MS, Antioch University; PhD Candidate, Antioch University 

Expertise and Interests: Intersectional Justice Issues, Nonviolent Theology, Nature Writing, and Quaker Studies


Photo of Amber M. Dillon

Amber M. Dillon

Adjunct Professor of New Testament Studies

Academic Background: PhD Candidate at Ridley College, Melbourne

Expertise and Interests: Johannine literature, New Testament Greek, New Testament Use of Old Testament


Photo of Haley Gabrielle

Haley Gabrielle

Adjunct Professor of New Testament

Academic Background: PhD, New Testament, Emory University; MAR, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Yale Divinity School; BA, Classics, Kenyon College

Expertise and Interests: Luke-Acts, Gender/Sexuality, Race/Ethnicity, Postcolonialism, Minoritized Interpretation, South Asian (American) Interpretation

Photo of Lynn Clouser Holt

Lynn Clouser Holt

Adjunct Professor of Spiritual Formation

Academic Background: MDiv, Portland Seminary

Certifications: Spiritual Director, Portland Seminary; Spiritual Direction Training, Mercy Center Colorado Springs; Spiritual Direction Supervision Training, Mercy Center Burlingame

Expertise and Interests: The intersection of psychology, spirituality, theology in relation to  contemplative spiritual formation and spiritual direction

Website: Companioning Center and Boldly Loved

Photo of Peter Lim

Peter Lim

Adjunct Professor of Ministry Leadership

Academic Background: PhD, Gonzaga University; MA, George Fox University; MDiv., George Fox University 

Expertise & Interests: Context and Contextualization; Cross-Cultural and Intercultural Studies; Leadership Studies, Mentoring in Partnership Development; Religion and Ecology; Third-Culture Building 


Photo of David McDonald

David McDonald

Adjunct Professor of Ministry Leadership

Project Faculty, DMin

Academic Background: DMin, Portland Seminary; MA, Southerwestern Christian University; BA, Trinity Western University

Certifications:Founder: Fossores Chapter House; Distinguished Dissertation Award, 2005 Portland Seminary

Expertise and Interests: Punk Rock and Patristic Theology



Photo of Karen Murphy

Karen Murphy

Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Theology

Academic BackgroundPhD, Fuller Seminary; MAT, Fuller Seminary; BA, Seattle Pacific University

Expertise and Interests: Pentecostal History and Theology, Catholicism, Ecumenism, Sacramental Theology, Liturgical Theology, Global Christianity, Christian Mysticism, Christian Spirituality, Theology and Film


Photo of Thomas Payne

Thomas Payne

Adjunct Professor of Chaplaincy

Academic Background: Master of Theological Studies, Vanderbilt University

Professional Affiliation: Providence Cancer Institute 

Certifications: Association of Professional Chaplains

Expertise and Interests:  Chaplaincy in ambulatory medical environments and the influence of secular spiritualities on patient experiences in American healthcare


Photo of Susan Rose

Susan Rose

Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Studies

Academic Background: BA, University of Florida; MDiv, Memphis Theological Seminary; DMin, Portland Seminary (Leadership and Spiritual Formation)

Certifications: Certified Spiritual Director

Expertise and Interests: Women in Ministry; Entrepreneurial Ministry; Church Leadership


Photo of Jeffrey Tacklind

Jeffrey Tacklind

Adjunct Professor of Ministry Leadership

Academic Background: DMin, Portland Seminary; MA, Talbot Seminary, Philosophy of Religion

Certifications: Spiritual Director

Expertise and Interests: Spiritual Formation, Pilgrimage, Epistemology



Photo of Jason Wellman

Jason Wellman

Adjunct Professor of Ministry Leadership

Project Faculty, DMIN in Leadership and Spiritual Formation

Academic Background: DMin, Portland Seminary; MDiv, Ashland Theological Seminary; BS, Music Education, Bluffton University

Expertise and Interests:Wesleyan Theology, Faith and Work/Vocation, Faith Integration, Church and Pastoral Leadership, Discernment Practices, Spiritual Formation, Leadership Coaching.



Photo of Jeremy I. Williams

Jeremy I. Williams

Adjunct Professor of Old Testament Studies

Academic Background: PhD, UCLA; MA, UCLA; MATS, Portland Seminary; BA, Wheaton College

Expertise and Interests: Hebrew Bible; Persian Period / Second Temple Studies; Interdisciplinary approaches involving ritual studies, economic anthropology, and other socio-scientific methods; Latino/a Biblical Interpretation