Grow Market-Driven Programs

Year 2 of 3-Year Initiative

Champion: Mary Peterson, Vice President of Academic Operations
Assistant Champion: Lindsay Knox, Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing


  1. Launch & develop high barrier, high demand programs

    1. Launch OT doctoral program by fall of 2024.
    2. Evaluate CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) program for approval by fall of 2024.
    3. Complete feasibility study of one additional program by fall of 2025.
  2. Expand George Fox’s role in lifelong learning

    1. Increase dual enrollment partnerships by 3 schools by fall of 2024.
  3. Expand GFD offerings to reach new learner populations

    1. Develop a digital general education curriculum (36 credits) that is deployed for multiple stakeholder groups by fall of 2024.
    2. Develop and launch new and reconfigured undergraduate digital degree program by fall of 2025.
  4. Generate a new market-driven operating model for portfolio calibration

    1. Develop and launch a holistic strategic academic program (potential and existing) assessment process defined by fall of 2025.