Innovate for Effectiveness and Sustainability

Year 1 of 3-Year Initiative

Champion: Vicki Piersall, Chief Financial Officer
Assistant Champion: Shawn Daley, Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer


  1. Explore opportunities for automation in operations

    1. Complete a high-quality process mapping and process engineering exercise for legal compliance function across the university by spring of 2025. 
    2. Improve university legal compliance processes through automation by fall of 2025.
  2. Improve financial efficiencies throughout the institution

    1. Improve internal purchasing processes to use student dollars more effectively while improving the overall user experience of employees with purchasing by spring of 2025.
  3. Implement best practice cybersecurity measures to safeguard the mission

    1. Execute the planned components of the NIST framework by fall of 2025.
  4. Develop adjacent business models in service of the mission

    1. Complete a feasibility study for at least one education-adjacent business opportunity by the fall of 2024.