Cultivate Thriving People

Year 2 of 3-Year Initiative

Champion: Nichole Drew, Vice President, People and Culture
Assistant Champion: Rob Felton, Chief of Staff, Office of the President


  1. Increase reach of and participation in employee development and engagement programs

    1. Ensure 100% of supervisors complete 3H leadership development training by summer of 2024.
    2. Engage 85% of employees in professional development opportunities, including onboarding, summer enrichment, faculty development, student care, or skills training by fall of 2024. 
    3. Add, catalog and promote meaningful spiritual formation opportunities at team and at university level by fall of 2024. 
    4. On employee benefit survey, show that 90% of respondents understand their benefits (on a 35% response rate), specifically how employees can save money through benefits, by fall of 2024. 
    5. On BCWI employee engagement survey, show increase of 10 points for employee satisfaction with university benefits, so that GFU is in the upper half of peer institutions, by fall of 2024.
    6. Add 4 new employee resource groups by fall of 2024.
  2. Cultivate a thriving, diverse and inclusive community where all members share their unique gifts and experience belonging

    1. Offer an enhanced learning and development course opportunity designed to expand our depth of commitment to a flourishing, diverse and inclusive community as an imperative for the people of God as outlined in the university’s theological commitments by fall of 2024. 
    2. Organize four campus-wide events to engage students and employees in these themes by fall of 2024. 
    3. Educate and engage the campus community about the new inclusive excellence framework by fall of 2024.
  3. Implement innovative work models to achieve balance between employee well-being and optimal work performance

    1. Finalize and memorialize remote, hybrid and flexible work plan options, ensuring that departments have tools to support employee balance while accomplishing business success by fall of 2024.