Serve the Greater Community as an Anchor Institution

Year 1 of 3-Year Initiative

Champion: Robin Baker


  1. Launch GFD as a stand-alone operation in service to new and wider educational audiences.

    1. Create stackable certificate program for serving new student populations.
    2. Develop GFU K-12 direct credit associate’s degree program.
    3. Secure partnership with 1 CCCU school for the provision of digital materials.
  2. Formalize George Fox Ventures as a community benefit property development and management endeavor.

    1. Identify master property plan for Yamhill County acquisitions.
    2. Work with strategic advisory partners on securing venture investment.
  3. Organize a K-12 educational system with a demonstration lab school to enhance private education in the region.

    1. Launch demonstration lab GFU Academy by fall of 2025.
    2. Secure formal agreement for shared services with 4 partner schools by spring of 2026.
  4. Accelerate industry partnership building to create new enterprises that enhance workforce readiness and economic impact.

    1. Create joint child development facility with A-dec by spring of 2026.
    2. Launch 1 additional industry partnership (e.g. – hotel, vet science facility) by 2027.