Advance a Thriving Student Experience

Year 1 of 3-Year Initiative

Champion: Brad Lau, Vice President for Student Life
Assistant Champion: Arminda Lathrop, Vice President of Advancement


  1. Improve on our existing delivery of exceptional academic outcomes

    1. Provide 90% of full-time faculty and athletic coaches with training for fully utilizing Fox360 for early intervention with students who are struggling by fall of 2024.
    2. Develop a framework for a robust data dashboard on student experience and belonging by fall of 2025.
    3. Explore options for an incentive system for faculty to mentor students in research and academic pursuits beyond the classroom by fall of 2025.
    4. Complete analysis of DF rates, using a threshold of courses with >10 students and greater than 10% DF rate by fall 2024.
    5. Identify 3 high-risk courses and develop an action plan to reduce DF rate by 10% by fall 2024.
    6. Raise $5M in support for academic initiatives by spring 2026.
  2. Extend the impact of spiritual life and transformation efforts on campus

    1. Complete and evaluate the Spiritual Life office’s pilot mentoring program with faculty/staff mentors and student mentees by fall of 2024. 
    2. Launch a mechanism to capture data regarding student service experiences to serve as a baseline for future service initiatives by fall of 2024. 
    3. Define the common set of character and virtue outcomes for George Fox students by fall of 2024.
  3. Expand the quality and number of meaningful connections and experiences for linking students to campus identity

    1. Launch a “transition to college” 1-credit pilot lab designed for provisionally admitted students, first-generation students and/or Pell eligible students for fall of 2024. 
    2. Assess the impact of common student leader expectations about ongoing outreach to new students by fall of 2024. 
    3. Pilot 3 events that increase student connection to campus identity by fall of 2025. 
    4. Expand and test at least 2 “high-touch” engagement events between students and the alumni community by fall of 2025.
  4. Increase opportunities for vocational development and engagement

    1. Define and approve practical framework for career mentoring opportunities across the institution by fall of 2025.