President's Message

On strategic initiatives

Dear Members of the George Fox University Community,

Strategic plans are often exhaustive lists of everything a University hopes to achieve.  We do not offer our plan in this context but present a focused roadmap designed to provide George Fox with a sustainable future and a vibrant mission. 

We believe that a university must see beyond its walls and commit to human flourishing within its reach. We will establish George Fox University at the center of the economic and spiritual well-being of the communities of Yamhill County.  Given the fact that we are at a crisis point in public perception of the value of universities, it is essential that George Fox enter into strategies that will enhance the position of our university in the broader community.  

We are deeply hopeful for the future. In alignment with our Christ-centered values and commitment to transformative education, we present a purposeful strategic plan outlining our vision. 

Outlined by five strategic goals, we build upon our institutional strengths and chart the course for the George Fox University we aspire to become:

  1. A University with a Thriving Employee Culture: Focused on cultivating an environment where faculty and staff flourish, we aim to create a workplace culture that fosters collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to our mission.
  2. A University Offering a Thriving Student Experience: We are dedicated to providing a transformative and enriching experience for every student, ensuring their holistic development and success in academics and beyond.
  3. A University with Exceptional, Market-Driven Programs: Recognizing the evolving needs of the workforce, we commit to offering programs that are responsive to market demands, preparing students for meaningful and impactful careers, through engagement with industry partners.
  4. A University that Innovates for Sustainability and Effectiveness: Embracing our responsibility as stewards of our campus community and the continuing mission of the Evangelical Friends, we pledge to foster innovation that allows us to remain fiscally responsible as we pursue growth.
  5. A University that builds a Strong Regional Identity that empowers cooperative endeavors and enhances the economic, financial and spiritual strength of the people of Yamhill County: We will strengthen the Oregon K-12 system, establish with local businesses a world-class child development program, invest in the economic health of Newberg and Yamhill County, and work with local city government and businesses to create a flourishing downtown economic center.  

As we embark on this transformative journey, let us draw inspiration from alumnus and author Richard Foster, who wisely expressed, "We must seek God's kingdom and God's righteousness with every ounce of our energy, for we dare not miss it." 

We are well prepared to face the opportunities and challenges ahead. The path is laid before us. 

In His Service,

Robin Baker 
George Fox University