Film and Video Production Concentration

Stories have the power to inspire, inform and entertain. And arguably, no medium is more effective at telling them than film.

The art of visual storytelling is booming. Netflix. Amazon Prime. Apple TV. They’ve built their empires around shows, movies and documentaries that educate and entertain. Where will you find your niche in a culture that can’t seem to get enough visual content?

As a film and video production student within the cinematic arts major at George Fox, you will write, shoot, direct and edit your own films – and learn to do so with the artistic sophistication today’s audiences expect.

And here’s more good news: Newer content delivery methods, such as mobile devices or online TV, present an evolving range of career opportunities. Upon graduation, you may create media for instructional purposes, find work in a film studio, produce video for churches, nonprofits or businesses, or make documentary films. So many possibilities!

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Why Study Film and Video Production at George Fox?

Hands-on classroom for film and video students

What Will I Study?

  • We will provide you with a strong foundation in all the practical skills of filmmaking, including scriptwriting, directing, cinematography, sound and editing.
  • You will engage in hands-on projects that range from short personal projects to large-scale films suitable for film festivals.
  • You will study film history and examine the creative and analytical facets of film, television and other creative art forms.
  • In our intensive hands-on production course, you will draw on all your filmmaking skills to produce 10- to 30-minute shorts – narrative, documentary, or animated – for your portfolio and film festivals.
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