Chapel Waiver Information and Forms

Please read carefully – chapel waiver applications will not be considered unless they meet one of the following exemptions. Students must fill out waiver forms before the fourth Friday of the semester. Students will be notified of the decision on the waiver request.

Deadlines: Chapel Waiver Applications for the Spring 2019 semester will become available the first week of classes (January 14) and are due by February 8, 2019. 

Chapel Waiver Information

Automatic Exemptions

A student may receive a full or partial exemption for the chapel attendance requirement for one semester at a time. Students who qualify for an automatic exemption and do NOT need to apply are either:

  • 23 years and older on or before the first day of the Fall academic year
  • Seniors (with 93 or more credits before the start of the semester)

Please note: Due to the fallibility of technology, you are strongly urged to confirm that you have been given an automatic exemption by checking your chapel credits in your MyGFU account.

Students who may apply for partial or full exemption

A student may receive a full or partial exemption for the chapel attendance requirement for one semester at a time due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Student teaching
  2. Significant off-campus work schedule (see required documentation).
  3. An off-campus field placement/internship (see required documentation).
  4. Clinical illness (see required documentation).
  5. Commuting from 30+ miles (one way).

Please understand that exemptions will not be granted based on a ‘busy schedule’. Chapel is an integral part of the George Fox University experience. It is intentional that chapel requirements are mandatory.

Full Exemption (rarely given)

If a student receives a full exemption, he or she is not required to attend any chapel programs for the period of one semester. Students must re-apply each semester. If you are a fourth-year student with less than 93 credits at the start of fall semester, you may qualify for full exemption but must fill out a chapel waiver form within the first 4 weeks of the semester – talk to the office of Spiritual Life for details.

Partial Exemption

Because of student teaching, off-campus work, etc., students can apply for a partial exemption in which they are allowed to meet requirements by earning 10 rather than 15 Spiritual Life credit requirements. If a student receives a partial exemption, he or she must attend 10 chapels throughout the semester, five of which must be in-person traditional chapels and five of which can be chapel electives.

In some rare cases, a student may also receive a podcast waiver which enables the student to earn 15 chapel credits by completing 15 chapel podcast forms. This is to be awarded at the discretion of the Spiritual Life Committee. Students will be notified via email if they receive this waiver.

Documentation Required

  1. Academic exemption:
    Academic exemption: If your request is based on an off-campus placement, the administrative assistant for the department you are in will send your name to the Student Life office. If your request is based on your class schedule you will be required to fill out the chapel waiver form and submit a copy of your class schedule to
  2. Work conflict exemption:
    If your request is based on a work conflict, you must fill out the chapel waiver form and submit a copy of your current work schedule, signed by your supervisor, to Be sure that your supervisor/employer includes the following information:
    • Days and times that you are scheduled/required to work
  3. Medical exemption:
    If you need a medical exemption, your medical advisor is required to provide and sign a form documenting your medical condition that would limit your ability to attend chapel. Submit that form to, and fill out the chapel waiver form.

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