Chapel Electives

Throughout the year there are different special events and groups that are available for Chapel Elective Credit. The credit-eligible events are still being determined and will be updated on this page when available. 

Below is a list of events we have approved to count toward chapel elective credit. In order to recieve credit for attending a chapel elective event a student must fill out a form on their MyGFU chapel portal answering a few questions about an event they attended. Watch The Daily Bruin announcements to read about upcoming events that count toward elective credit.  All chapel credits including Chapel Elective credits are due within 48 hours of the event

Interested in having your event approved as a Chapel Elective? Please note that that all Chapel Electives must fulfill the following requirements:

1. A faculty member or GFU staff advisor is present at the Chapel Elective Event
2. The event/gathering takes place on the campus of George Fox University
3. The event/gathering explores a dimension of Christian spirituality 
4. The event/gathering coordinator has applied and recieved written approval from the Office for  Spiritual and Intercultural Life 

Have an idea for a chapel elective?

List of Chapel Elective Events:



Fall Colloquium Series: Sexuality - Authentic Discussions

Facilitator: Kris Kays, Faculty, PsyD 
Dates: Mondays at 12:00p, October 2, 10, 17 & 24
Location: TBA

This colloquium, led by Professor Kris Kays, will discuss the following questions: What is sex for? How does sex inform my identity? How do I navigate sexuality and Christianity in the day to day? Students may receive 5 Chapel Elective Credits for attending all 4 Colloquium sessions*

Please note, we anticipate this Colloquium to be of high interest but due to the nature of the topic, participation will be capped to provide adequate space for authentic dialogue. To aid this process, interested students may apply to be a participant in the dialogue using the link posted below. Students will be notified on Friday, September 30 about space capcity and if they will be able to participate or will be added to a wait list.  

Apply for Colloquium here!

Matheteis Forum: Faith, Race & Politics

Speaker: Faculty & Student Panal 
Dates: Thursday, September 29 from 6:00p-8:30p
Location: Canyon Commons Private Dinning Room 101

Matheteis is an event where we create space for civil discourse around good food in order to dialogue about current issues in society as they relate to biblical perspetives. Sponsored by the Center for Peace and Justice and the Intercultural Life Office. Selected Topic: Faith, Race, and Politics.

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Shalom is a weekly worship event focused on bringing a piece of God's peace into our lives. Shalom is all about life as it should be, like in the Garden of Eden, like the year of Jubilee in ancient Israel, like it will be in the heavenly city, and like those little tastes of heaven we have here on earth. It looks like reconciliation, peace, community, and selfless love all focused on Jesus' sacrifice and the loving God we serve. This is a small low key space where students have the freedom to do more creative and communal forms of worship. It's late night, low lights, and lots of handmade bread. We gather together in community, worship with a small group of acoustic musicians, have someone share with us, and do an interactive or experiential piece, integrating prayer and creative worship.

When: Tuesday, 9 p.m.
Where: Canyon Commons Private Banquet Rooms
Other Information: Facebook