Chapel Electives

Throughout the year a number of special events and group meetings are available for Chapel Elective Credit. The credit-eligible events are still being determined and will be updated on this page when available. 

Below is a list of events we have approved to count toward chapel elective credit. In order to recieve credit for attending a chapel elective event, a student must fill out a form on their MyGFU chapel portal answering a few questions about an event they attended.

Watch The Daily Bruin announcements to read about upcoming events that count toward elective credit. All chapel credits including Chapel Elective Credits are due within 48 hours of the event

Interested in having your event approved as a Chapel Elective? Please note that that all Chapel Electives must fulfill the following requirements:

1. A faculty member or George Fox staff advisor is present at the Chapel Elective event
2. The event/gathering takes place on the campus of George Fox University
3. The event/gathering explores a dimension of Christian spirituality 
4. The event/gathering coordinator has applied and received written approval from the Office for Spiritual and Intercultural Life 

Have an idea for a chapel elective?

List of Chapel Elective Events:



Matheteis Forum

Speaker: Faculty & Student Panel
Dates: February 21st and March 21st | 8:30p
Location: Canyon Commons 101
Questions:  Contact Brianna Martin

Matheteis is an event where we create space for civil discourse around good food in order to dialogue about current issues in society as they relate to biblical perspectives. Selected topics vary. 


Shalom is a weekly worship event focused on bringing a piece of God's peace into our lives. Shalom is all about life as it should be, like in the Garden of Eden, like the year of Jubilee in ancient Israel, like it will be in the heavenly city, and like those little tastes of heaven we have here on earth. It looks like reconciliation, peace, community, and selfless love all focused on Jesus' sacrifice and the loving God we serve. 

The Shalom chapel elective is a low key space where students have more freedom to explore reflective and communal practices which we hope more seamlessly connects our lives of prayer & action as we follow Christ. It's late night, low lights, lighter decibel levels and lots of handmade bread. We gather together in community, sing together with musicians, share silent reflective prayer, listen to guests, students & faculty talk-story, meditate on applying the Truth of Scripture and engaging in a variety of other activities of worship passed down to us from over two millennia of Jesus' disciples.

When: Tuesdays, 8:30 p.m.
Where: Canyon Commons Private Banquet Rooms
Other Information: Facebook  

Bruin Preview Chapel

Join perspective students for worship in Bauman Auditorium during the October Bruin Preview Day. 

When: February 9 at 10:00a
Where: Bauman Auditorium

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The FCA Vision: To see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes. The FCA Mission: To present to coaches and athletes, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church. 

When: Monday nights @ 9pm
Where: Foxhole
Questions? Contact Danyle Dupray 

Dalton Lecture Series 

The George Fox University Department of Biology and Chemistry presents the eighth annual Dalton Lecture - Inevitable humans in a lonely universe? Featuring Dr. Simon Conway Morris - Professor of Evolutionary Palaeobiology - University of Cambridge.

Received wisdom is that evolution is effectively open-ended and unpredictable, implying that all species (including humans) are historical accidents that will find no direct counterpart on any other planet. Evolutionary convergence suggests the exact opposite: The number of biological “solutions” (such as the camera-eye, echolocation or tool-making) is remarkably limited, and the likelihood of something akin to humans evolving elsewhere is very high. This proposal runs into difficulties when we consider the Fermi Paradox (“Where are they?”) which has to consider the alarming possibility that we are completely alone. How then might we resolve this paradox?

When: February 22nd - 6:30 p.m.
Where: Bauman Auditorium
Other or 503-554-2710
Questions? Contact Vetta Berokoff

William Penn Honors Program Lectures 

When: Thursday, March 8th, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.
Where: EHS 102
What:  “Death Sentence for the Life Sciences? The Humanities and the Future of Medicine”

Donald L. Drakeman is a former entrepreneur and chief executive in the biotechnology industry. Don has overseen the progression of numerous innovative medical products for cancer, infectious disease and inflammation from research concept to clinical trials. Don received an AB from Dartmouth College, a JD from Columbia University and a PhD in the Humanities from Princeton University, where he has served as a member of the Faculty. He is currently a Fellow in Health Management at the University of Cambridge.

When:Thursday, April 5th , 2018, 7:30 p.m.
Where: Canyon Commons
What:“Christian Hospitality and Immigration”

Rev. Dr. Matthew Kaemingk, is an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church. Matthew’s research and teaching focuses on Islam and political ethics, workplace theology, theology and culture, and Reformed public theology. His new book Christian Hospitality and Muslim Immigration in anAge of Fear will be released January 2018. From 2013-2017 Matthew served as the Executive Director of the Fuller Institute for Theology and Northwest Culture in Seattle, WA.

Book of Common Prayer - Evening Prayer 

When: Mondays, 4:30p-5:00p
Where: Pennington House
What:  This gathering of students and faculty follows the order of Evening Prayer found in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. The service includes set prayers, Scripture readings, Creeds, and time for silent reflection. All are welcome. 
Questions: Joseph Clair

William Penn Forum Itineraries 

When: Feb 13, Mar 13; 7-8pm
Where: Hoover 105
What: WPHP Professors will host panel discussions on major issues of contemporary interest. Topics TBD.
Questions? Contact Dr. Javier Garcia

GFU Catholic Campus Fellowship 

When: TBD
Where: Prayer Chapel
What: The George Fox Catholic Campus Fellowship will hold a Mass in Canyon Commons 101 at 11:00am on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Father Ivan will be the celebrant.  All are welcome.
Questions: Contact Rob Bohall

International Chapel 

The International Chapel has an international multi-ethnic flavor to it, and all GFU students are welcome to join us. The focus our chapel speakers will have this year is sharing a particular scripture and explaining why that is especially meaningful to them . The chapel begins with a small meal (usually something like chicken teriyaki and rice) and then we have a speaker, followed by a Q & A.  Then we break into small groups and discuss the message, and finally we end with a time of prayer.

When:Thursdays from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.
Where: International Center/Cultural House
Questions: Alex Pia -

Engineering Your Soul

As a part of the engineering curriculum ALL engineering students are reading through the book, The Meaning of Marriage. Four times a semester there is an open forum to discuss the book. Based on the acclaimed sermon series by New York Times bestselling author Timothy Keller, this book shows everyone—Christians, skeptics, singles, longtime married couples, and those about to be engaged—the vision of what marriage should be according to the Bible.

When: 6:30p-7:30 | Monday: 1/29, 2/19, 3/12, 4/9
Where: Hoover 105
What: Discussing various topics centered around the book “The Meaning of Marriage”
Questions: Contact Neal Ninteman

Spanish Chapel

Spanish Chapel is a time for the students of George Fox to come together in worship and to be encouraged by the word of God in the Spanish language. It's for everyone, no matter how how proficient. It is a good place for people to practice Spanish or to speak the language they love. The goal is to provide a meaningful experience for anyone who wants speak Spanish and experience God.

When: Fridays Jan 26, Feb 9, Feb 23, Mar 9, Mar 23, Apr 13 at 6:00pm
Where: Fox Hole
Questions? Contact Jenay Wolthausen

Circle of Peace Seminar

Our College of Christian Studies department is co-hosting an interfaith event with the Circle of Peace organization from Portland.  We're going to have three speakers from the Abrahamic faiths -- Dr. Paul Anderson (Christianity), Rabbi David Kosak (Judaism), and Arif Humayun (Islam) -- who will speak on the topic: "Can we find peace in turbulent times?"  

When: Mon. Feb. 5th 7-8:30pm 
Where: Can Comm 101 

MLK Day Event: Inner Life and Global Vision

Dr. Carson will be coming to speak and share about his many studies surrounding the man, Martin Luther King Jr. He has spent most of his career writing about MLK Jr and having many of his scholarly articles published.

When: Feb. 8th at 7:30-9 pm
What: Center for Peace & Justice MLK event at GFU with Dr. Carson
Where: Can Comm

Darwinism and the Christian Faith: Problems and Prospects

This special lecture hosted by the Science and Religion Club will explore some of the cross-sections between science and Christian faith. Mark McLeod-Harrison will discuss Darwinism and the interesting tangles that it causes some parts of evangelical theology. Mark will raise some of the pressing issues and highlight a few of the areas that creative theological thinking is needed.

When: April 13 at 7:00p
Where: EHS 102
Questions: Contact Elizah Stephens


When: every Wednesday 5:00-6:30pm through April 4th.
Where: Stevens 208
Contact: Rob Bohall -

The Catholic group on campus will be focusing on the Alpha course this semester. For more information about Alpha visit their website. 


Koinonia is a monthly event series where George Fox’s student body can learn about and celebrate each other’s unique cultural backgrounds through food, discussion, and Christ-centered fellowship.

When: Koinonia feat. BSU February 23nd, 7:30pm
Koinonia feat. International Club March 22nd, 7:30pm 
Koinonia Finale April 19th, 7:30pm 
Where: Canyon Commons
Contact: Kevin Tshilombo

The Politics of Narnia: C.S. Lewis on Totalitarianism and Freedom.

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute will bring Micah Watson of Calvin College to GFU to give a talk entitled "The Politics of Narnia: C.S. Lewis on Totalitarianism and Freedom." Watson is co-author of C. S. Lewis on Politics and the Natural Law (Cambridge University Press, 2016).   

When: 6:30-7:30pm on Jan 25, 2018
Where: Hoover 105
Contact: Mark Hall -

Missionary Panel

What: This panel will discuss questions such as what it means to be a missionary and how to prepare for missions as a student. Faculty members who will be interviewed include David Martinez, Ben Hartley, Jere Witherspoon, and David and Lenuta Chronic.
When: Feb. 28th Wednesday 8-9pm
Where: Hoover 250 (staff lounge)
Contact: Holly Hicks -

Open Worship

What: This will be a welcome alternative worship experience for any who might be interested--cultivating our Quaker ethos regarding transformative worship experientially. 
When: 10:50-11:40 a.m. every Thursday (beginning March 8)
Where: Hoover 250
Contact: Anastasia Reinhardt -

Pornography Colloquium

What: The colloquium is designed to be a comfortable atmosphere for an uncomfortable and important topic. The areas tackled will be that of pornography and its effects on the church, our brains, and human-trafficking. There are 3 guest speakers who are experts in their areas who will come and share their experiences and help us become more aware of the topic and learn how to better deal with it and begin more conversations.
Where: LeShana Lobby
When: Feb. 8th & 22nd and March 1st, 8th, 22nd and 29th from 6-7pm

Movie and Discussion

What: Of Gods and Men
When: 7 p.m. - 10 p.m. Tuesday March 13
Where: EHS 102
Contact: Paul Anderson-

What: The Gospel Of John
7 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. Monday April 9
Hoover 103
The Writings of John class will be hosting the movie The Gospel of John, a word-for-word rendering of the CEV Bible crafted for the Silver Screen. There will be a brief discussion following. Popcorn and soda will be provided. All are welcome!
Paul Anderson-