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Find Unity in Purpose and Joy in Service

From the moment you arrive at George Fox, you’ll be part of a family that shares a deep compassion for individuals and a desire to improve their lives. Learning together and serving people in the local community clinic and on service trips abroad make George Fox unique.

Be Part of a Caring Family

The strength of our community lies not only in the diverse interests and talents we bring to the table, but also in how we share. Everyone in your 44-student cohort will share resources, notes and insights, and you’ll be surrounded by people who encourage you, bring out your best work and help you succeed. You’ll also bond with your classmates over bracket-style games, faculty-hosted dinners, student-prepared breakfast gatherings and special events.

The depth of connection you experience in your cohort will extend to your professors, all of whom exemplify the university’s Be Known promise. They don’t have office hours; they have an open-door policy instead. Need to talk? Come by, call, text or FaceTime your professors. They’re always available, and they'll quickly become mentors, friends and colleagues.

DPT student working with a patient

Put the Patient First

Service lies at the core of our program, and it isn’t just about offering our students opportunities to put their training in motion. A spirit of service inspires us to prioritize patient needs over administrative structures, and it informs our research within each cohort, our community and the DPT industry as a whole.

One of the questions we often ask is, "If we know it to be true, then why aren't we doing it?" At George Fox, hearts that seek to serve and physical therapists who find joy in rehabilitating patients come together to improve the health of our local and global communities.

Service Opportunities

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George Fox Physical Therapy Community Clinic

Our community clinic treats the full continuum of patients. We’re trained to address all orthopedic conditions, assist those who have experienced a cardiac event, and offer therapy for children.

As a DPT student, you’ll practice side-by-side with nationally renowned professors who have expertise in a wide variety of specialties. We provide these services free of charge to people who qualify.

Learn More About the Community Clinic

Physical Therapy students serving the people in Uganda

Physical Therapy in Africa

Each year, a group of professors and third-year DPT students travel to Africa. This is an incredible opportunity to put your training into practice in schools, remote towns, orphanages and clinics. Patients’ lives are transformed through therapy, and for the university, it’s one of the central ways we can show the love of Christ.

These long-standing relationships with clinics in Africa are a cornerstone of our service, and each time we go, our intent is to leave a part of us behind.

Uganda and Ghana


Service in the Local Community

Aside from the pro bono and global service projects, you’ll have access to numerous service opportunities in the Newberg area.

Pool-a-Palooza is a semiannual event that provides a fun and safe space for kids to enjoy time in the water. The activity is free and open to all, including children with all varieties of disabilities. It's a pool party that allows kids to swim, play and just have a blast being kids. You and your classmates will host the event and join in the fun in the pool.
Health and Wellness Week is an annual event designed to bring attention to the importance of health and wellness through nutrition, exercise, and spine/back and behavioral health classes. All of the activities are free and open to the community at large. Classes meet each evening and cover a specific area of health and wellness, educating the public on topics that include planning heart-healthy meals, maintaining or getting to a healthy weight, strategies for maintaining a healthy back, and how to incorporate manageable exercises into your daily routine. It’s a great way to share your knowledge and make a lasting impact.
Strike Back Against Stroke is offered free of charge throughout the year to stroke survivors, helping them progress in their movement and exertion within a caring and supportive community. Sessions meet twice a week for three eight-week sessions, and you and your classmates will lead them under the direct supervision of a practicing therapist. The program emphasizes stretching, strengthening, functional activity and balance training.

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