Christian History and Theology Specialization

Understand Christian History

to lead well in our times

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The gospel has been handed down to all Christian peoples from the early church to today, and it is our honor to continue its stewardship, translation and interpretation for a new generation.

At Portland Seminary, we value diversity of thought and backgrounds, which generates rich discussion in every class. Male and female professors of different ethnicities and theological backgrounds work together to raise up students who can competently contribute to the cross-denominational conversations that will shape the modern church.

Fully embracing the diversity of the body of Christ, you will work to fulfill a need of the church: to demonstrate the ability of Christian history and theology to mediate the social conflicts of our time.

The Christian History and Theology Specialization is offered with:

Pursue this specialization if ...

  • You are exploring your social location (ethnicity, gender, in the context of the diverse Christian tradition)
  • You are passionate about preserving and translating historical texts in order to demonstrate its relevance today
  • You have an interest in pursuing a PhD or other doctoral program

Course Requirements (12 hours)

Beginning with a solid foundation of the core curriculum, other theological courses include topics on healing and suffering, poverty and eco-justice, postcolonialism, gender and Christian thought, and intercultural studies.

Any two CHTH studios, 4 hours each
Any Specialized Apprenticeship, 2 hours each
CHTH 568 Teaching Apprenticeship I: Internship and Pedagogy
CHTH 569 Teaching Apprenticeship II: Internship and Pedagogy

Students work with their academic adviser to select courses according to professional preparation goals.


Michael Simmons

Michael Simmons, MA

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