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You need a community to collaborate with you to address ministry challenges. Our unique doctoral programs invite you to address the needs of our world, and help form you as a ministry leader to bring about change in our world.

Portland Seminary offers two professional doctoral degrees: 

  • Doctor of Ministry
  • Doctor of Leadership in Global Perspectives

Learn more about each of the degree options below...

Broaden Your Experience & Cultivate Your Growth

Portland Seminary's doctoral programs are the most advanced degrees for educated, experienced ministry leaders as they help to cultivate and grow their practice.

Accredited by the Association of Theological Schools, our online doctoral programs develop confident, Christian leaders skilled in creatively addressing the needs, problems or opportunities of ministry leadership.

In each doctoral program, you’ll benefit from:

  • A lead faculty mentor, there to shape and inspire your experience as you travel throughout your program
  • A close, cohort community
  • A flexible, online format
  • Intentional and formative face-to-face experiences
  • Our unique Project Portfolio format, a guided research journey where you address a real-world ministry need, problem or opportunity

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)

Address real-world concerns with a researched approach

The health and growth of churches today depends on "doctors of the church" who are dynamic in their problem solving and passionate about the church’s vitality. Portland Seminary's doctor of ministry program will equip you to address the needs of your community in a tangible, practical way. Now more than ever, churches need growing leaders, renewed in their calling, who are able to solve real-world problems in their context. 

This degree requires a Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree or its equivalent for admission.

Doctor of Leadership (DLd)

Differentiated Leadership in an Anxious World

As an educated, experienced Christian leader, you see the need to guide your community or organization through uncertain times into a hopeful present and future. Join a Christ-centered, theologically-informed and faith-affirming Doctor of Leadership in Global Perspectives program tasked with equipping you to do just that.

This degree requires a relevant masters degree for admission.

Still unsure if a professional doctorate is the right approach?

Find out how to choose between a professional doctorate or a PhD

Project Portfolio

… not just a Thesis

Our three-year online doctoral programs include a research process designed for ministry professionals. They lead you on a journey of discovery.

Whether you end up starting a nonprofit, launching a podcast, or writing a book, our Project Portfolio research approach equips you to address a ministry need, problem, or opportunity in your context and to gain a skillset that you will use regularly after graduation.

Stephanie Hurd

Stephanie Hurd

Doctor of Ministry

The greatest joy of my [doctoral program] was the gaining of knowledge within the relationships of my cohort. It was the delivery model of honing and sharpening together with [lead mentor]... and my fellow cohort. I was joining others on a journey that drew me closer to Jesus and strengthened my vocation.


Michael Simmons

Michael Simmons, MA

Admissions Counselor, Seminary