Note: The MSW program is projected to transition to an advanced generalist curriculum model for fall 2022. The specializations below will continue to be offered until that time. However, both areas of practice will continue to be addressed in an advanced generalist approach to masters-level social work education.


The George Fox MSW program has two advanced practice specializations:

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Direct Practice Specialization

Advanced direct practice consists of expanded skills in:

  • Critical thinking and assessment of complex problems
  • The flexibility to negotiate and intervene with use of best practices
  • Mastery of practice theories
  • Empirically supported methods specific to intervention with individuals, families and groups

This specialization focuses on micro-level interventions and is the most commonly chosen specialization in the MSW program. It is well-suited for those who desire to work with individual clients in practice settings that promote self-sufficiency, resource acquisition and clinical intervention.

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Community Practice Specialization

Advanced community practice consists of enhanced skills in critical thinking and identification of problems, issues and needs in the larger community. It provides students with an overview of theory and models of community intervention essential for social work practice with neighborhoods, organizations and communities.

This specialization is well-suited for those interested in community organizing, program development, policy practice and advocacy.

In General

These concentrations focus on important and needed areas of practice while also providing graduates with a great deal of flexibility in their future career paths.

Consistent with the university and program mission, infused into both concentrations will be themes related to:


Kristie DeHaven

Kristie DeHaven

Associate Director of Graduate and Adult Degree Admissions

Admissions Counselor, Master of Social Work