There’s a lot to love about online classes – namely, the freedom to study from wherever you’re at and the flexibility to get things done whenever it fits your schedule best. At George Fox, we have beautifully produced and thoughtfully constructed online course options through George Fox Digital. But even with well-structured courses, learning virtually comes with its own learning curve.

While taking classes online may require less adjustment to your schedule, you might find it does demand some changes to your approach. If you’re taking an online course – whether through Summer Online, First Year Online, Cornerstone Core or the Adult Degree Program – the practices below might be helpful to you!

Make a Schedule

Hand writing on a calendar

Create a Good Workspace

An organized workspace in front of a computer

Ask for Help

Set yourself up for success, and you can enjoy the many benefits of taking classes online. If you start to feel overwhelmed (most of us do at some point!), don’t forget to reach out! We are here to help and would be delighted to support you, even if you’ve never set foot on campus.

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