Direct Deposit Refunding

George Fox is excited to offer direct deposit refunding of student accounts! Enrolling in direct deposit allows student account refunds to be electronically deposited into your bank account, resulting in faster receipt of your funds. See below for more information regarding the program.

Adding a Bank Account and Enrolling in Direct Deposit

  • Enrollment is completed via MyGeorgeFox
    • Sign into your MyGeorgeFox student homepage
    • Click on "Financial Account"
    • Select "Direct Deposit" on the left
    • Enter all required information
    • Click "Submit"

Direct Deposit General Information

  • Direct deposit is used solely for refunding credits present on a student account (e.g. overpayments on the account, enrollment deposit refund, etc.). It is separate from payroll deposits and does not effect tuition payments. To request a student account refund, please complete the Refund Request Form.
  • Direct deposits are processed via automated clearinghouse electronic fund transfer, also known as ACH.
  • A refund will be displayed in MyGeorgeFox prior to funds being deposited in a bank account.
    • It is the responsibility of the account holder to verify receipt of funds. George Fox is not responsible for any banking fees (overdraft, insufficient funds, etc.) accrued.
  • For most banks, funds are typically received within two business days of a generated refund.
  • If there is an outstanding balance after a refund is processed (additional registration, parking fines, etc.), the student is responsible to pay by the due date. Unpaid balances are subject to our standard policy.
  • Direct deposit enrollment can be canceled in MyGeorgeFox in your financial account details.
  • Choosing to not enroll in direct deposit will result in a delay of receipt of funds due to extended processing time required for a physical check.
  • The student accounts office may revoke direct deposit permissions at its own discretion.