Former Students

Former students (including students on Leave of Absence) in good standing

Students with their accounts paid in full are in good standing and have access to university services. Students may request official transcripts, register for future semesters, and are eligible for benefits granted to George Fox University alumni.

Former students (including students on Leave of Absence) with financial holds (Non-Current Student Accounts)

Students who have not paid their accounts in full have financial holds preventing registration, the release of official transcripts, and other university privileges. Financial holds must be resolved through the Non-Current Student Accounts division of Student Financial Services: Phone 503-554-2239 or email

In some cases, delinquent accounts have been placed with outside collection agencies. Additional fees due the agency and/or attorney are not present on the student account; however, these fees must be paid before financial holds will be removed. Contact the Non-Current Student Account Specialist with questions regarding a delinquent account.

The university recognizes that unforeseeable circumstances can interrupt the original payment arrangements; therefore, upon written request, the university will work with students experiencing financial hardship.

Monthly payment plans can be set up to repay outstanding student accounts. This does not bring an account current; however, it does show intent by students to fulfill their financial obligations to the university and will prevent an account from being placed with an outside collection agency. Payments must be made as scheduled.

Non-Current Student Accounts are already past due; therefore, the late payment fee, disclosed and accepted at the time of registration (12% APR, 1% per month), will apply.

Sometimes the university ceases collection efforts on delinquent accounts. This does not release students from financial obligations to the university. Services will be withheld until financial holds are resolved.