Federal Perkins Loan

Some students have received a Federal Perkins Loan while attending George Fox University. This loan must be repaid to
the university.

The university has contracted ECSI (Educational Computer Systems, Inc.) to service Federal Perkins Loans. Communication from ECSI is legitimate business on behalf of George Fox.

ECSI performs online Entrance Counseling and Exit Counseling; billing; processing of payments; processing of deferment, postponement and cancellation benefits; annual loan disclosures; credit reporting; and other functions applicable to the Federal Perkins Loan.

Borrowers can view their loan, update contact information, set up automatic payments, and download forms on the ECSI website. The university uses ECSI’s generic forms.

Following is the website and information to login and view individual Perkins loans:

Website: www.ecsi.net
School code: W4
Account #: Borrower’s social security number
PIN/Password: FAFSA pin (When first logging in, borrowers have an opportunity to change the PIN to a password.) ECSI has a default PIN that borrowers can request should they forget their password.
Toll-free Phone: 1-888-549-3274

Although George Fox University contracts with ECSI for servicing, the university is the lender and authority on issues concerning the Federal Perkins Loan. Borrowers may contact the university’s Federal Perkins Loan Specialist with any questions: Phone: 503-554-2239 or email perkins@georgefox.edu.

It is the borrower’s responsibility to contact ECSI or the Federal Perkins Loan Specialist at George Fox University if the borrower has a change in enrollment status, name, address or telephone number.