Housing FAQ

Fall 2021 Questions

We are excited to have around 1200 students on-campus this fall. The way we experience community together will look different than previous years; However, we are committed to providing a safe place for students to thrive. Most rooms will continue to be double occupancy and all living areas will be filled.

Yes, students will still have access to shared lobbies and kitchens. However, there will be limited capacity, so students may need to wait to access a shared space. There will also be specific instructions and requirements for kitchen use in an effort to maintain a clean environment. This is subject to change via CDC recommendations and standard practices.

George Fox remains “students-first” in everything we do. All living areas will continue to have resident assistants assigned to them as well as professional staff. Students will continue to have roommates, and there will be various opportunities to build community. Our residence life team is dedicated to ensuring campus is a safe place for students to thrive and helping them navigate their time at George Fox.

Students who are waiting for COVID test results or have tested positive for COVID will be moved into an isolation location (apartment or room) by themselves for up to 14 days. Any student who wishes to leave isolation and go to a home address off-campus is encouraged to do so, but cannot return until the isolation period is up and the student has been cleared to return.

While in isolation, Student Life will have a representative check-in daily to ensure students have everything needed during their stay in isolation. Students in an isolation area on-campus will be provided food for the duration of their stay. Depending on their meal plan, meals or flex points will be deducted accordingly. Students will also have other personnel checking in to see how they are doing health-wise; further, students will have access to telehealth to connect with a counselor. The university will also provide a grab-and-go isolation kit, thermometer for self-monitoring, and cleaning supplies.

The university has increased the cleaning/disinfecting of shared bathrooms as well as other spaces on-campus.

As a community member, monitoring yourself is vital. Caring for others by maintaining good personal hygiene as instructed by the CDC (washing hands, wearing a face covering in public spaces where you are less than 6ft away from someone, etc.) is beneficial. Not going to public spaces (class, dining hall, activity center, etc.) if you have any concerning symptoms is crucial for protecting the community.

Physical distancing does not equate to social distancing. We will build community, but will do this while still practicing physical distancing. There will be a resident assistant assigned to each area, as well as an area coordinator who will be a primary contact for you and will work on building community for you and your neighbors. In your room or your apartment/house, we are considering these locations to be “family units” and realize physical distancing will not always be possible. If someone in your “family unit” tests positive for COVID-19 and you have spent more than 15 minutes in close proximity with that person and are not showing symptoms, Public Health will work with you to determine if you should self-isolate.

If you are not comfortable sharing a room due to medical concerns, register with the Disability and Accessibility Services Office so they can work with us to make sure you are in a location that meets your needs.

If you desire to live on campus, there is the possibility of getting a single room. If you have a medical concern, reach out to the Disability and Accessibility Services Office so they can work with us to ensure you are placed in housing that meets your needs. You can also reach out to housing@georgefox.edu and request a single room through the Single Room Waitlist.

If you have any medical concerns about living in campus housing, we recommend you reach out to the Disability and Accessibility Services Office. They will work with you and University Housing to explore different on-campus housing options, where students will be able to live in an environment that is accommodating to them.

Our goal is to set up a system that can continue to house students here at George Fox no matter what COVID-19 looks like. If needed, students will be able to remain on-campus and undergo a “stay at home” order in their housing location. If we have an institution wide “stay at home” order, each floor/house/apartment will be provided with needed resources, including food.

First of all, stay home. Second, please call the Health and Counseling Center at 503-554-2340 to talk through the different options about what to do next.

We now have an online ordering system where you can order your food online from Bon Appetit and a friend can pick up for you. Please utilize this method of food pick-up if you are self-isolating.

Currently we are taking our cues on this from CDC. Outside of your actual room, apartment or home, we require wearing a face covering if you are unable to maintain 6ft of physical distancing from others. This may change as CDC and state guidelines dictate in the future. This means face coverings are required in the shared spaces of your residence hall living areas (e.g., kitchens and lobbies, etc.)

In public areas where you are not able to follow CDC standards of 6ft apart you will be required to wear a face covering. This will not be required in your actual room, apartment or home.

Other Housing Questions

George Fox University requires all students to live on campus for a minimum of two years. Exceptions to the residency requirement are granted for students over the age of 20, who are married, have junior status, or who are commuting from home. Please refer to the Off-Campus Information page for more information in this area.

If a student needs to request a housing accommodation for medical or disability reasons they should complete a Housing Accommodation Request. Requests should be submitted to Learning Support Services by March 6 for current students or by May 1 for new students.

Current Students should have their housing assignment and roommate information finalized sometime in early April once the housing selection process has concluded. In order to participate in this process, students need to complete their housing form. Please refer to the Housing Selection page for more information.

New students should receive their housing assignment sometime in mid- to late June if they have a housing form and enrollment deposit submitted by May 1. After May 1, housing assignments will be made on a rolling basis as space is available. Please refer to the New Student page for additional details.

To be considered for on-campus housing, new students need to submit a $300 enrollment deposit to the admissions office by May 1. Priority for housing placements is based on the date a student pays his or her enrollment deposit.

George Fox only has a small number of single rooms available for students. Generally, these are reserved for individuals who have requested a housing accommodation. If you would like to be considered for a single room, you may complete a Housing Accommodation Request, or request to be on the Single Room Waitlist on your Housing and Meal Plan Intent form if you do not have an accommodation.

Current students are allowed to identify specific roommates through the housing selection process, or opt to have Universiy Housing assign them a roommate.

New students can opt to live with someone they know, but are encouraged to consider living with someone new. Residence life believes that building relationships with new people adds to the depth of community and contributes to a student’s overall experience. Incoming students may request another student, or search for another student during the Roommate Search process in March.

If a preferred roommate has not been admitted prior to the housing assignment being made, the university may not be able to accommodate the request.

New students can make changes to the housing form through MyGeorgeFox at any time. After May 1 students will need to contact the student life office or email housing@georgefox.edu to make changes since the housing staff will have started the process of pairing students with roommates and placing them in housing

Each semester there are open room change periods when students can explore the option of moving to another living area. Students who desire to change rooms should pick up a Room Change Request form from the student life office. This form outlines the room change process and the steps students need to take. This form must be completed and approved before changing rooms.

At this point in time, George Fox does not offer housing for students in any of these categories. Please email housing@georgefox.edu if you have a specific situation you would like to ask about.

University housing is in use year-round, so it is not possible for individuals to see specific rooms. However, the admissions office offers guided tours during the academic year and through the summer. If you’d like to schedule a tour, please contact the admissions office or your admissions counselor.

Students may have appliances, such as mini-refrigerators and microwaves, in their rooms. However, students are not allowed to cook in their rooms using an open flame (e.g., camp stoves, Bunsen burners) or appliances that contain an open coil (e.g., stove burners). Coffee makers or hot pots with insulated carafes are allowed if they do not have a warming plate. Appliances such as toasters and coffee makers (with warming plates) can be used in the community kitchens.

It is recommended that students bring extra-long twin size sheets (Twin XL).

Because of associated safety risks, students are not permitted to loft beds in on-campus housing. This includes the use of both manufactured and hand-built lofting aids.

Many beds in university housing can be bunked through the use of special hardware. Please contact your resident assistant if you would like to have your bed bunked so they can help with this process.

Laundry facilities are available for all students living on campus. New and returning students will receive new laundry cards with a set value at the beginning of each academic year. In most cases, the value of the card will allow students to do laundry through the year.

Students who need to purchase a new laundry card or add value to an existing card may do so at the add-value station located in the Klages Center. This is located opposite the Makers Market at the top of the stairs to the Foxhole.

Animals in university housing pose serious health, safety and maintenance risks. In addition, many students have allergic reactions to various animals. Therefore, the only pets allowed are harmless fish. All other pets are not allowed in campus housing.

All of student housing has complete wireless coverage. Please refer to IT’s WiFi page for details about how to connect to the wireless network.

This is a list of fines and their associated costs.

Housing related
Unauthorized tampering with fire safety equipment $100 + damage
Burning in student housing (incense, candles, cigarettes, etc.) $25 (1st); $50 (2nd); $100 (3rd)
After first violation it becomes a lifestyle issue
Unintentional damage to campus property cost of repair
Intentional damage to campus property $50 + cost of repair
Unauthorized removal of university property $25 + damage
Storage of motorized vehicles inside housing (includes porches) $100 + damage
Unauthorized removal of room screens $25
Damage to screens $50 (replacement)
Missed mandatory meeting (2 per yr.) $10
Unauthorized room change $50
Unauthorized early move-in $50
Authorized early move-in $35
Unauthorized staying on campus $50 per night
Authorized staying on campus $35 per night
Unauthorized guest $35 per night
Unauthorized access to buildings when closed $25; $50 if night
Unauthorized access to roof or ledge $50
Incomplete checkout - late return of housing key (over 7 days past move date) $25
Lifestyle related
Incomplete community service $10 per hour
Possession of firearm, paintball, air soft on campus 1st – Confiscation until taken home; 2nd + $25
Failure to evacuate or failure to comply with orders of security or other authorized personnel during fire drills, etc. $50

NOTE: In the last week of classes, all housing and lifestyle violations turned into fines.

Greek life is a little different at George Fox than at many colleges across the United States. The university has many different options for on-campus housing and encourages a safe and vibrant community experience for students in dorms, suites, apartments and houses. George Fox's two-year on-campus residency requirement provides an extended opportunity for social, academic and spiritual growth.

While there are no fraternities or sororities, there are Greek honor societies such as the Alpha Psi Omega National Theatre Honor Society, Sigma Tau Delta national honors society for English majors and minors, and Alpha Chi, a national honor society that promotes academic excellence and exemplary character.

Students who have a home address of 300-plus miles away qualify to store up to five boxes on campus over the summer. The boxes may be 2 feet x 2 feet x 2 feet or smaller in size. Students who are interested in this option need to speak with their RA, who will have further details about placing items in campus storage facilities.

1st "week"* 100% of charges removed
2nd "week" 90% of charges removed, $25 drop fee assessed
3rd "week" 75% of charges removed
4th "week" 50% of charges removed
5th "week" 25% of charges removed
6th "week" or later No Refund for housing

Other Questions or Concerns

If you have questions or concerns that were not answered regarding on-campus housing, please feel free to contact the student life office at 503-554-2310 or housing@georgefox.edu. We will do our best to answer your questions and address your concerns.