Biblical Studies Specialization

Serve with Confidence

and biblical competence

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Our biblical studies specialization is all about preparing you to shape modern Christianity in your ministry setting, especially with regard to key questions of our time: What does the Bible say about gender? Diversity? Care of the earth? Peace in disrupted times?

How critical is the study of Scripture? We know that Bible competency among Christians is declining in the United States, so the need is great for pastors, writers, and other church leaders to interpret Scripture with competence and confidence.

Where are you called to serve? How will you apply the knowledge and insights you gain from a biblical studies specialization?

The biblical studies concentration is available with the Master of Arts in Theological Studies program.

Pursue this specialization if ...

  • You’re interested in studying biblical texts and their contexts at a more advanced level
  • You’re interested in pursuing PhD or DMin degrees
  • You’re interested in contributing to the production of knowledge by teaching, writing, preaching, and/or engineering artistic expressions that enhance and provoke deeper learning and Christian understanding

One of Our Most Flexible Programs

The biblical studies specialization utilizes a hybrid format that blends online learning with an intensive in-person experience each year. 

Offerings include courses in biblical hermeneutics and advanced study of the New and Old Testaments after introductory courses.

The seminary will teach you how to utilize the cutting-edge Logos Bible Software package in our Biblical Languages Resource course. You also have the option of Greek or Hebrew courses to enable you to go deeper into the original text.

In the final year, you write an academic thesis on a research topic of your choice 

Our Faculty

Our faculty care deeply about empowering you to be an effective teacher who can share your deep biblical knowledge with others. You will have the opportunity to apprentice with a professor for at least one semester and study pedagogy with a mentor, an aspect unique to Portland Seminary.

You will also have the privilege to study under some of the best-equipped seminary teachers in the nation, as several faculty members have been through training at the Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion.


Haley Holman

Haley Holman

Admissions Counselor, Portland Seminary