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Master's Programs

Portland Seminary currently offers four masters degrees, preparing women and men for a wide variety of professional outcomes. Our flexible programs allow students to study full-time or part-time in Portland or online. 

Master of Divinity (MDiv)

Master of Divinity program

This is Portland Seminary's most comprehensive degree. Equipped with an master of divinity, you’ll be prepared for church leadership as a lead or associate pastor, or ready to pursue further theological education. This degree will prepare you for ordination in a mainline denomination or for chaplaincy.

Master’s in Spiritual Formation

Master's in Spiritual Formation program

This degree is for those wanting to experience a deeper personal walk with Christ or assist others on their journey. If you're feeling called to ministry as a spiritual director or just enjoy walking alongside people who are discovering their faith, this is the degree for you.

Master’s in Theological Studies

Master's in Theological Studies program

If you're planning further theological education beyond a master’s degree, the master’s in theological studies degree is for you. This program allows you to specialize in Biblical Studies, Christian History and Theology, Creation Care, or Intercultural Studies. This degree is not intended as preparation for pastoral ministry.

Master’s in Ministry with a specialization

Masters in MInistry program

If you're looking for a practical leadership degree, the master's in ministry is the one for you. Designed for the associate pastor, youth/family/campus pastor, music minister, or church planter, this degree can be tailored to your specific ministry. This is also an excellent degree for those involved in nonprofit work. This degree can be customized with seven different specializations.

Portland and Online Formats


Portland Seminary is home to a vibrant community of learners meeting in person at the Portland Center campus. Enjoy weekly in-person interaction with top-notch faculty and inquisitive fellow students. Additionally, local students participate in learning through our hybrid courses that combine participation in an online learning environment with a face-to-face intensive. All local classes are scheduled on Mondays. Hybrid courses include a limited number of required online class sessions on Thursdays. All master's degrees and certificates can be pursued in the local format.

All masters degrees and the Spiritual Formation & Discipleship certificate can be pursued in the local format. 


Online programs are designed to provide rich, accessible learning experiences for students living in any geographic location. Stay rooted in your own local ministry context while building community with fellow learners who will support and challenge you. Our cohort model allows you to journey with the same group of students throughout your entire degree program. All online students complete the majority of their coursework in an online learning environment, engaging with readings, synchronous discussions, chats, and/or video presentations each week. Hybrid courses include a limited number of required online class sessions on Thursdays. Online students gather in person for interactive classroom intensives on-site at the Portland Center once each semester.

All masters degrees and the Spiritual Formation & Discipleship certificate can be pursued in the distance format.  


Contact your admissions counselor if you have any questions.

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Seminary Admissions Counselor, Master's Programs
Graduate Admissions Counselor, Master of Social Work