Transfer Students

Undergraduate applications open August 1

for fall 2025

Am I a transfer student?

  1. Have you graduated from high school?
  2. Prior to enrolling at George Fox, will you have attempted at least 30 quarter hours or 20 semester hours at a college since your high school graduation date?
  3. Are those 30 quarter hours or 20 semester hours transferable coursework (100 level or higher)?
A student moving into his new dorm

If you answered "yes" to all these questions, you're a transfer student.

If you’re not a transfer student, you’ll probably apply as a freshman student. But even as a freshman, you may still be able to bring in college credit at George Fox for courses completed at another college, through dual enrollment credits, or for alternative credit via AP, CLEP, IB, or foreign language equivalency.

A student moving into his new dorm

Why should you transfer to George Fox?

You Can Afford It

  • Generous Aid - Average Financial Aid Package: $27,783

    You may be pleasantly surprised at the aid you receive. The average aid package for a student transferring from an Oregon Community College is $27,783.

    Cumulative College GPA (weighted or unweighted) Scholarship Amount
    3.75+ $13,000
    3.25-3.74 $11,000
    3.00-3.24 $9,000
    2.75-2.99 $7,000
    Under 2.75 $6,000

    Transfer students are eligible to receive the Oregon Community College Scholarship. Any student transferring from an Oregon community college with a 3.0 cumulative transfer GPA will receive an additional $5,000 per year.

  • Time Is Money

    It takes many students five or six years to graduate in public universities because of overcrowding and class availability issues. By finishing in less time at George Fox, you can lower your overall college costs and get into the workplace faster, increasing earnings while decreasing costs and debt.

  • The Final Tally

    Think you’ll graduate with less debt at another Oregon university than at George Fox? Think again. After all the factors, you may come out the same or even better here. The average student debt for George Fox graduates is $23,876, compared to an average of $26,328 at Oregon's four-year institutions (LendEDU, 2020).

George Fox is Worth It

  • Small Class Sizes

    The student-to-faculty ratio at George Fox is 16:1. Contrast that to a public-school education in Oregon, where the average ratio is nearly double at 25:1 – the fifth highest in the nation, according to Oregon University System data.

  • Spiritual Formation

    George Fox faculty and administrators – all professing Christians – are dedicated to integrating faith and learning. You’ll also find opportunities to grow spiritually in community chapels, group Bible studies, retreats, serve trips, and concerts and plays with spiritual themes.

  • Reputation

    George Fox is known nationally as a standout Christian university, ranking among the top 10 in Forbes' list of “The Best Religiously Affiliated Colleges.” We also are classified by U.S. News & World Report as a “Best National University,” and Forbes consistently ranks us among the top Christian colleges in the nation.

How will my credits transfer to George Fox?

We’ll transfer your credits one of two ways – either a “block transfer” where your associate’s degree fulfills almost all of your general education requirements or a course-by-course transfer that stops short of a full associate’s degree.

Learn more about how transferring credits to George Fox works

Get an Unofficial Transcript Evaluation

This is the best way to find out how your credits will apply toward your George Fox degree requirements and your estimated time to graduation. To get started, contact your transfer admissions counselor.


Joseph Barnes

Class of 2020

As a transfer student, my admissions process looked a little different from many other students. Fortunately, my admissions counselors helped me understand exactly how my credits would transfer and what my time at Fox would look like as a result. This was extremely helpful to me, as I wanted to be able to take full advantage of the college credits I had already earned. This is not something that I experienced at other schools that I looked at, which helped solidify my decision to come to George Fox.

How to Apply

  1. Fill Out the Application

    Ready for some good news? It’s easy to transfer to George Fox, and we believe this university will be the perfect fit for you.

    Our application has never been faster, there’s more financial aid available than ever before, and our transfer admissions counselor will walk with you every step of the way. Let’s get started!

  2. Required: Official college transcripts

    Official college transcripts must be requested by the student and sent directly from the requested institution to George Fox University. Submit transcripts to us through one of these services:

    Potentially required: Official high school transcript

    If you graduated from high school less than one year ago, also request that your official high school transcript be sent to George Fox via one of the electronic services listed above.

    Although using one of the services above is preferred, high school transcripts may also be emailed directly from the school to or mailed to:

    Office of Undergraduate Admissions
    George Fox University
    414 N. Meridian St.
    Newberg, OR 97132

    Potentially required: Academic reference

    If your cumulative GPA is below a 3.0, we recommend submitting an academic reference with your application.

    You can submit a reference in one of two ways:

    • Through the application portal. You can enter your reference's contact information, and then that reference will receive an email with some short questions to answer.
    • If you already have a recommendation letter on hand or your reference is already writing something, email it to your admissions counselor, and we will add it to your file.

Once Your Application Is Complete

  1. File FAFSA

    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the form you need to fill out to get financial aid including grants, work-study and low-interest loans from the federal government to help you pay for college.

    Learn more about FAFSA

  2. This is the big moment! You haven’t actually made your college decision until you’ve submitted your enrollment deposit. Submitting your enrollment deposit is your way of telling us we’ll see you this fall. Time to celebrate – your Bruin adventure is officially underway!

    On-campus housing selections are made in order of enrollment deposit, and students who deposit on or before January 15 will get to select their dorm room much earlier during housing selection. All enrollment deposits are refundable prior to the May 1 deadline.

    Submit My Enrollment Deposit

  3. Your financial aid package will arrive by mail after you've been admitted to George Fox and received your admissions packet. It'll include your merit scholarship award and need-based aid including workstudy eligibility. And, don't forget about Scholarship Summit and external scholarship opportunities – both are avenues to significantly lower your out of pocket cost.

    Our financial aid and tuition page has lots of resources to help you understand the financial aid process and our admissions team is always ready to answer your questions.

  4. If you haven't already connected with your transfer admissions counselor for an unofficial transcript evaluation, now is a great time to do that! It will give you an estimate of your graduation timeline based on how your credits are likely to transfer in to George Fox.

How does $5,000 for college sound?
A happy student seeing his friend on campus

Oregon/Washington Community College Scholarship

Transfer students who enroll will be eligible to receive the Oregon/Washington Community College Scholarship. Any student transferring from an Oregon or Washington community college with a 3.0 cumulative transfer GPA will receive an additional $5,000 per year.*

*Students must be attending an Oregon or Washington community college at the time of admission to George Fox to be eligible for this scholarship. Adult Degree Program students are not eligible.

Request More Information

Important Dates

Date Deadline
Applicants for FALL SEMESTER (August)
Aug. 1 Online Application and Common Application open
Our Online Application is easier than ever and can take as little as 15 minutes! The Common Application allows students to complete one application for multiple schools. Regardless of which fits your situation best, we are here to help!
Nov. 1 Early Action Deadline
Students who complete their application by this date will be eligible for additional scholarship opportunities.
Dec. (date TBD)
Feb. 1 Priority Decision Application Deadline*
Students who complete their application by this date will be eligible for secondary scholarship opportunities. (Applications received after this date will be reviewed on a rolling basis)
Feb. 15 Deadline to submit enrollment deposit to be included in first wave of self-selecting housing placement
Mar. 15 Deadline to submit enrollment deposit to be included in second wave of self-selecting housing placement
All students who deposit after March 15 will be placed by Housing and will not have the option to self-select their specific dorm room.
April 1 Deadline to submit updated transcripts for potential academic merit scholarship improvement
May 1 Enrollment Deposit Deadline
Deposits postmarked after this date will be considered on a space-available basis.
Applicants for SPRING SEMESTER (January)
Nov. 1 Application Deadline*
Dec. 1 Enrollment Deposit Deadline
Deposits postmarked after this date will be considered on a space-available basis
Applications are still being accepted as long as space is available.

Want to finish your bachelor's online?

Our Adult Degree Program offers seven fully online degrees with flexible courses designed for students who work full time or prefer learning remotely.

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Madi Bradley

Madi Bradley

Assistant Director of Transfer Admissions

Additional student groups served

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  • Post-baccalaureate students
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