This issue: Winter 2016

Annual Report to Donors

Thank you to the wonderful donors who supported our students and institution during fiscal year 2015-16. The total you gave to George Fox University between July 1, 2015, and June 30, 2016, was more than $3.6 million!

Giving Highlights

“Growth” was the operative word to describe giving to George Fox in 2015-16.
Total number of donors: Undergraduate alumni who gave: President’s Council membership: Student Fund giving:
Up 47% Up 60% Up 77 members $680,000 ($675,000 goal)
This increase in giving does more than simply help our students – it sends a positive message to major donors, foundations and college rankings organizations that evaluate the percentage of alumni and friends who give annually.
Canyon Commons

Capital Projects Completed in 2015-16

The Stoffers

“When you give to something personal that you really believe in, there’s a lot of joy that comes back from that. The joy that we felt from being part of George Fox, of being embraced by the university, of attending events at the university – those are all wonderful things that come back to us because we chose to give.”

– Brad and Katharine Stoffer, Promise Campaign Honorary Co-Chairs

Grant Highlights

Baseball field and the Act-Six students

Other programs and projects that received grant funding in this fiscal year included the Student Fund, numerous scholarships, student research stipends, Serve Day, the Doctor of Clinical Psychology program, the William Penn Honors Program, the chemistry and biology department, and the golf program.

Looking Ahead – The Promise Campaign

The 2016-17 academic year represents the final push of a successful eight-year Promise Campaign to raise funds for essential capital projects, scholarships and the endowment for our future. From 2009 through June 2016, $36.6 million was invested in George Fox thanks in large part to the generous gifts of alumni, parents, foundations, community partners, trustees and friends. Our remaining goal is to raise $10.2 million to complete the campaign this fiscal year.

The campaign is focused on three promises:

  1. The promise of sustainable and relational growth
  2. The promise of affordability for our students
  3. The promise of a strong future

These correspond to three fundraising priorities:

  1. Capital projects that provide much-needed space as our campus grows
  2. Financial support for our Student Fund
  3. Ongoing investment in the university endowment

In particular, our greatest capital needs are support for the planned Student Activity Center, equipment for the new Engineering Innovation Center, and softball and baseball renovations.

If you are interested in being a part of our promise that students will Be Known for generations to come, we encourage you to visit for more information and to review our Promise Campaign Case Statement.

Rachel Nguyen

Rachel Nguyen

sophomore biology major

I would like to send my sincere thanks to all the wonderful donors for supporting and believing in our visions for the communities that we come from. To have allies that stand behind our hopes and dreams is incredibly encouraging and is a monumental support in and of itself. Your work is ultimately feeding into building the kingdom of God on earth.

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