Spiritual Direction Certificate


The Spiritual Direction certification program is designed to equip newly trained spiritual direction graduates to serve as professional spiritual directors. The program offers scriptural and Christ-centered training from skilled and experienced spiritual directors who, are attuned to the vulnerability of the other and noticing the internal dynamics that arise in the context of a contractual relationship.

The Curriculum

The spiritual direction certification curriculum is designed for persons who have completed initial spiritual direction training. We provide leveling coursework for students who have a theological degree, but require courses to be better prepared to step into spiritual direction certification. Our spiritual formation curriculum is biblically grounded and Christ-centered and our understanding of spiritual formation involves the intersection of Scripture, theology, and social-cultural factors. The focus of our curriculum, therefore, is on developing awareness, increasing empathy and compassion skills, and building distinct practices that are spiritually centering.


A graduate theological degree (Master of Arts, Doctor of Ministry, etc.) from an ATS accredited seminary similar to our Master of Arts in Spiritual Direction degree program. If applicants have experience in spiritual relationships without formal training, or if training was completed at another institution (Renovaré, etc), the seminary will do a leveling evaluation on a case-by-case basis in light of the standards of this certificate program.

Curriculum Plan

SFAD 576 Spiritual Direction Certification I 1
SFAD 577 Spiritual Direction Certification II 1

The Spiritual Direction certification program will:

  • Enable students to deepen ethical skills and professional practices in spiritual direction
  • Enhance student capacity for noticing and attending to self while maintaining effective spiritual-direction relationships