Oregon ADP Programs

Comparing adult degree programs (ADP) at different schools can be challenging. That's why we've put together this comparison page to help you see what finishing your bachelor's degree could be like at George Fox University and other local schools that offer similar degree completion programs.

Note: All figures are calculated based on data listed on each school's website in January 2017. Totals are calculated using programs' major coursework only; no prerequisite courses were considered.

Warner Pacific College


Program Length: 18-24 months
Tuition: $505 per credit (43-58 credits)
Books & Misc. Fees: $3,230 - $5,010
Total cost: $24,945 - $34,300

The Warner Pacific ADP program requires 43-58 credits per major, depending on which of the program's four bachelor's degrees students choose (accounting, business administration, health care administration, and human development).

Some of the degree programs are offered online and some are offered only at the school's Portland campus. Warner Pacific uses a cohort model in which students move through degree programs together. Classes typically meet one night a week or online, and courses last for about 5-6 weeks. A minimum of two years work experience is required to apply to the program, along with a 2.0 cumulative GPA from any previous coursework.

George Fox University ADP


Program Length: 16 months
Tuition: $502 per credit (36 credits)
Books & Misc. Fees: $3,140
Total cost: $21,140

George Fox University's Adult Degree Program has been around for more than 30 years, making it one of the first institutions in the country to offer adult-centered degree completion. All of its six bachelor's degree programs ( Management & Organizational Leadership, Project Management, Social & Behavioral Studies, Elementary Education, and Healthcare Administration) are accredited and require 36 credits to complete, in addition to 90 prerequisite credits. Most majors can be completed in 16 months, and the Management & Leadership degree is offered online. The rest of the major programs are taught at the school's Portland Center.

Multnomah University


Program Length: 22 months
Tuition: $465 per credit (48 credits)
Books & Misc. Fees: $1,700
Total cost: $24,020

The Multnomah University degree completion program offers four major concentrations to choose from: applied psychology, biblical studies, business management, and leadership & ministry. Some courses are available online but others require classroom learning at the university's NE Portland campus. In addition to 48 credit hours of major coursework, students are also required to complete 41-43 hours of electives and 33-35 hours of general education credits (124 in total).

Marylhurst University


Program Length: 24-36 months
Tuition: $463 per credit (60-80 credits)
Books & Misc. Fees: $3,350 - $4,450
Total cost: $31,130 - $41,490

Marylhurst University is situated just south of Portland in Marylhurst, Oregon. Its degree completion program offers a variety of options for taking classes including online coursework or classroom sessions at night and on the weekends. Its major programs range from 60-80 quarter credit hours and require an additional 100-120 credits to complete a bachelor's degree. Marylhurst offers 15 majors in its undergraduate program.

Although many of the university's students are working adults (the average student age is 35), the bachelor's degree programs are available to traditional undergraduate students (typically ages 18-22) as well.

OSU ecampus


Program Length: 24-36 months
Tuition: $280-331 per credit (45-71 credits)
Books & Misc. Fees: $3,110 - $4,670
Total cost: $15,710 - $24,550

Oregon State University is a popular choice among degree-seeking adults because the school offers a bachelor's degree program that is 100% online and has more than 20 majors from which to choose (credit costs vary by major). Like Marylhurst, there is no age or work experience requirement to enroll, so adult students should expect to interact with peers from a variety of age and experience levels. A total of 180 credits is needed to graduate with a bachelor's degree, which includes at least 60 credits of upper division courses per major.

Your enrollment counselor is ready to answer any questions you may have and to complete a free transcript evaluation of your previous college credits. Upon the completion of your evaluation, your counselor will set up a personal meeting with you to create your individual degree plan which outlines the exact path you can take to finish your degree.