Why did we become Portland Seminary?

Changing our name to Portland Seminary is in line with our Be Known vision to be more and do more for the students we serve. With this name change, we’re accomplishing two vital goals toward achieving our vision: strengthening our regional presence while expanding our national outreach. Portland is a city of change, and Portland Seminary is about changing the way theological education serves students. This is a new name for a new kind of seminary.

Portland, Oregon

Embracing our Place

Two decades after a merger of institutions created George Fox Evangelical Seminary, we are recreating ourselves as Portland Seminary.

Portland has emerged on the national consciousness and is now one of the top destinations for people moving within our country. This is the birthplace of Nike. A place that values books, bikes and the local boutique craft economy. It’s casual and cool. An outdoor-loving city at the confluence of two historic rivers, it’s also the confluence of the churched and the unchurched. A place where an increasingly secular culture has made faith less cultural and more personal. A place where people mistrust religion, but still seek the spiritual. A place where society’s relationship to the church is in flux. What better place to prepare our faith leaders for tomorrow’s challenges?

What else is new?

people chatting outside in Portland

We’re changing the way we do theological education. This fall we’re adding new degrees, new concentrations, and revising our existing masters programs. Additionally, we’re adding flexibility in how students take courses, in many cases allowing students to choose between online or face-to-face instruction.

Even as we change, we remain committed to being Christ-centered, biblically based and broadly evangelical. Our purpose is to develop leaders and scholars to have a transformative and prophetic influence for Jesus Christ in the church and the world.