Is George Fox really that Christian?

Yes! Faith is at the center of who we are. We provide many opportunities for spiritual growth while at Fox, so your faith can grow and thrive. 

Do I have to be a Christian to go to George Fox?

Not at all! We only ask for an open heart as you join our faith community.

Will all my professors be Christians?

Absolutely! All of our faculty and staff are practicing Christians. We want you to be taught from a biblical foundation in each class. Your professors will pray before class, know you by name, and challenge you as you grow in your faith.

Will my academic experience be compromised by faith?

Never. Faith and science go hand in hand. Philosophy and Christian theology go together. Grace is critical to the practices of social work and counseling.

Does Fox provide small-group options

Yes! We call them Life Groups, led by our own faculty and staff. Life groups are a great way to meet other students, pray with each other, and grow your faith.

Do I have to take Bible classes?

You get to take Bible classes! All students participate in theology and Bible courses as part of our general education package. You'll participate in vibrant discussions with fellow classmates and professors. God’s redemption story for the world will take new shape as you learn more about biblical history.

Are chapel services offered?

Yes. Students attend one of our five chapels options at least 15 times over the course of each semester. Learn from guest speakers, worship in community, and explore the spiritual disciplines as you draw closer to Christ.

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