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Welcome to George Fox University

We are happy you are here! The Student Accounts team is here to partner with you and help you navigate your financial account. If you ever have questions about charges, payments, refunds, due dates, etc., we are ready and eager to assist you. Be sure to come say hello when you get to campus!


The mission of our office  is to promote exceptional financial outcomes for both students and the university through Christ-centered service and stewardship of student receivables.

We are here to steward the gap.


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  1. Student Steps to Success
  2. Parent Information
  3. Important Dates
  4. Required Forms
  5. Student Accounts Resources
  6. Additional George Fox Resources
  7. Tutorial Videos
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

Student Steps to Success

Parent Information

  • Once your student has registered for classes, they will receive an email from Student Accounts containing their Payment Estimator and Payment Selection Form.
    • Please review both with your student
  • If your student has designated you as a guarantor, you will receive an email from Student Accounts to fill out a Guarantor Agreement.

Important Dates

  • July 1 - Please have the following applicable items complete:
    • Payment Selection Form ( in Required Forms)
    • External Scholarships reported (MyGeorgeFox)
    • Enroll in Direct Deposit Refunding (Tasks tile)
    • Health Insurance Form/Waiver (Tasks tile)
  • July 15 - Please have the following applicable items complete:
    • Financial Aid Requirements
      • Entrance Loan Counseling, Loan Agreement, Verification documents, etc.
      • Alternative Loan applications
  • August 3 - Fall bill mailed and emailed to students (please make sure mailing address is correct in MyGeorgeFox - see tutorial)
  • August 10 - College Savings withdrawal requests submitted
  • August 15 - First  monthly payment due
  • August 17 -  Semester payment due
  • August 24 - First day of classes!

Required Forms

Student Accounts Resources

Additional George Fox Resources

  • Your Financial Aid Counselor
    • The financial aid staff will get to know you, and will do all they can to make a George Fox education affordable. They will walk with you through each step of the financial aid process to ensure you receive all the aid available to you.
  • Your CAP Coach
    • Career & Academic Planning (CAP) Coaches are a group of professionals trained to guide you toward your career and academic goals. They are here to help you with academic planning, major selection, career exploration and more.
  • The Scholarship Resource Center
    • If you need help sourcing and applying for scholarships, please visit the Scholarship Resource Center page.
  • Health and Counseling Center
    • If you have questions about health insurance or other services offered, please visit the Health and Counseling page.

Tutorial Videos

Comparing Your Payment Estimator to Your Financial Aid Offer

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 Make a Payment

  • Log into MyGeorgeFox
  • Click your Financial Account tile
  • Click " Make a Payment" on the left
    • You can use a bank account (no fee), debit/credit card (2.75% transaction fee), or foreign currency

NOTE: For other methods of remitting payment, please visit our Make a Payment page.

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How to Set up a Payer to Make Online Payments

  • Log into MyGeorgeFox
  • Click your Financial Account tile
  • Click " Make a Payment" on the left
  • Under the summary section, click " Send a Payer Invitation"
    • Alternatively, you can click your name plate in the navigation bar and scroll down to the " Payers" section
  • An email will be sent to the one you entered with instructions on how to finish setting up the account
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 View Your Tasks, To Do's, and Holds

  • Log into MyGeorgeFox
  • Click your Tasks tile
  • On the left, click " To Do List" or " Holds"
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 View Your Student Account

  • Log into MyGeorgeFox
  • Click your Financial Account tile
  • Use the navigation bar on the left to find different information

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Update Your Contact Information/View Your Student ID Number

  • Log into MyGeorgeFox
  • Click your Profile tile
  • Use the navigation bar on the left to edit your personal information

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Pay?

  • When Do I Pay?

    • If you are paying per semester (one lump sum), payment is due one week prior to the first day of the semester
    • If you have been approved for a monthly plan, payment is due on the 15th of each month (August-November for fall and January-April for spring)
    • You can prepay without penalty
NOTE: Let us know how you intend to pay by completing the required Payment Selection Form.
  • What is Federal Student Employment?

  • Why isn't my Federal Student Employment on my Payment Estimator?

    • Student earnings from on-campus employment are paid directly to the student. To include these funds on your Payment Estimator, please secure an on-campus job and complete the Automatic Student Payroll Deduction Form.
  • Why isn't my external/outside scholarship on my Payment Estimator?

    • Great question! The most common reason is it hasn't been reported in MyGeorgeFox . Once it has been reported, your Payment Estimator can be updated.
  • What do I do if my scholarship requires semester grades or a proof of enrollment?

  • Why am I being charged health insurance?

    • George Fox requires its full-time students be covered by medical insurance. To opt out, complete the Health Insurance Form/Waiver in your MyGeorgeFox Tasks tile. If you opt out, please be prepared to submit your current policy information and allow 48 hours for charges to be adjusted.
  • Why do I need a guarantor on my Payment Selection Form?

    • We ask for a guarantor because we want to know who is standing with you in this financial obligation
    • This is common with most financial agreements
    • It increases your options for payment
  • Can someone else make payments online for me with out giving them my George Fox password?

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